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  1. I as well am making a glide bait right now, i plan to pour a tungsten powder/resin mix into a hole in the belly.
  2. Hey folks, recently I've begun discovering that my capabilities as a lure manufacturer are being undermined by the speed at which I can make lures. a batch of five baits can take nearly an entire day, which in the broad scheme of things, is unacceptable. I was hoping some of you could provide me with some tips to speed up the process. one of the things I'm definitely curious about is a dipping base coat that could take some of the finnicky-ness out of base coating.
  3. do any of you know of any clear coats for lure craft that can pass through an airbrush ? i was using cs coatings uv blast with a brush but it was weakening paint and smearing. could it be passed through an air brush?
  4. actually that custom feather cutter is a great idea! and it's funny that you mention roman made, making a bait that is better than the mother is one of my top goals.
  5. I always play-dough coat anything that I don't want painted. as for getting rid of the finish use a light grit sand paper and use rubbing alcohol to clean the surface
  6. thats why custom swimbait guys make the real dough
  7. if you sell on ebay you can use the bidding function to use limited production rates to your advantage. if people see your products on social media (pinterest, twitter, instagram, etc.) and they want them, they will gladly pay for them competitively sometimes paying twice the original price. think of it like chumming fish, if you dump out an entire drum of chum the fish will have more food than they need and slowly swim around eating their fill, but if you let out a small amount of chum at a time they will be much more vicious, fighting to the death for the smallest chunks of food.
  8. If i want to add a blade to a offset wide gap hook I use fly tying thread and tie a metal loop near the head and put a swivel blade on it. also i would recommend looking at owners ultrahead series of jigs, they would take the addition of a blade quite well.
  9. I saw your foam squid lure and I thought it looked a bit like a Lures Factory Squid Zaa, very cool!

  10. also remember that the lateral stipe extends to the gill plate, and is more red than pink on the gill than the rest of the body
  11. personally I'm still hung up on jump frogs, I definitely value action over aesthetics.
  12. I'm looking for a similar product for making swimbait suppressors and I've been looking at Solar-EZ soft. but it sounds like you're looking for something that can coat a large surface, which might be a bit spendy with the Solar-EZ.
  13. for carving knives just buy a frost's mora 106 carving knife and call it good. They're incredible nives. *knives
  14. Jon P.

    Swimbait Joints

    Ok, I see how that would be helpful, thank you.
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