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  1. fish eyes in the finish are usually caused from some sort of contamination....oil from hands, paint not dry. start there and pay attention to every detail while finish is being applied. Second coat on top of a bad coat might work, depending on if the lure is clean. My .02
  2. with lexan/polycarbonate you can heat and bend, or heat to mold. Anytime you are heating or cutting use well ventilated areas and proper safety gear.
  3. just a mere flesh wound! my baits take a beating also....nothing I have seen will hold up to rocks and fish for long.
  4. If that is a canvas joint, it will only take 1 drop of finish to ruin the movement.....I am talking from my own experience. 1. brush on finish segment at a time. 2. spray on finish with masking tape or rubber bands to keep finish out of joints. My .02
  5. Ice season, what the heck is that?
  6. it is a good air brush, good starter for sure.
  7. yes sir, check with your local glass shops for scrap lexan/poloycarbonate. most shops will throw small pieces away as soon as it is cut, so talk with them.
  8. azsouth


  9. let it soak in cleaner solution ( warmer the better ) being very careful push in a small round file and try to turn it... be firm but gentle. Too much force will completely ruin the brush. if you used anything other than a water based paint it's gonna be even harder.
  10. azsouth

    How long?

    this might help out. https://www.kbs-coatings.com/DiamondFinish-Clear-Directions.html
  11. azsouth

    How long?

    minimum 1 week, 2 weeks if you can wait....I have fished baits dipped 2-3 days later only to ruin them, chip and flake easily. My .02
  12. Walk the walk, Then talk the talk....put up or shut up, pick any saying you want and insert here.
  13. they are pressed in, best bet would be drill them out...starting with a small bit and moving up in size. The release lever has a spring if I remember right so be careful with it. First hole needs to be dead center to avoid oval holes left from not being centered.
  14. I dip them with KBS then blow out the slots using as little air pressure as possible, to much pressure will basically ruin the finish. My .02
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