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  1. I do the whole bait..... patching is just for a day or so. My .02
  2. A v block is the best for cutting perfect angles on round pieces. You can spin test it then cut your lip slot. How To Make a V-Block on the Table Saw | Woodworkers Guild of America - YouTube
  3. Yes sir, I have found several color variations for the desert southwest, I did use mass produced colors as a starting point but tweaked the colors over the years, some are fairly close variations while others literally I have had people laugh at until they see how they catch fish. 5 different variations of the 1.5 just with paint, total about 20 different variations of the same bait with finish, snap rings and hooks. Sometimes it was as easy as just lightening up a color or 2 on a bait, Other times very bold colors instead. One of the main differences that I do is fade/feather my pai
  4. A lot of good points in all the previous posts. I think it boils down to belief in what you are throwing, I do not paint huge details into any of my baits ( I don't sell them ) but they pretty much outperform the mass produced baits, Color to me is very important, just small variances in colors really seem to have a major effect for me, Along with changing snap rings and hooks. One thing that we really haven't discussed is the finish, The baits that I finish definitely have a thicker, heavier finish than any mass produced bait, I don't know if that is one of they key ingredients but it wo
  5. I think you are not taking everything involved in painting and finishing each bait. Personally have won more tournaments on my own baits the any other baits....I will be the first to point out not because they are better than any production bait company but it is just different enough that the fish haven't seen it 1000+ times. I have done a lot of different combination's that are just good paper weights, on the other hand I have found a few paint schemes along with hook and snap ring changes that absolutely outperform any mass produced bait about 8-1. For me it all boils down to hard work
  6. I would say wood drill bits and some ss wire you got your custom mold. 2 pieces of 1x3 clamped together and drill the meeting point pull apart tape wire to just below bottom of hole and re-clamp boards back together, make sure wire is straight and in the middle of whole. pour in lead you are done...... different size bit to adjust weight.
  7. covered in thread below...my diving bills keep falling out.
  8. for got to mention it is cheaper if you buy the 100 lot size.
  9. I have used these with good results. https://www.ebay.com/itm/25-Pack-Spinner-Lure-Bodies-Tackle-Making-or-Slip-Sinker/120549415572?hash=item1c114e1a94:g:B7oAAMXQU6tQ~eOf
  10. Wow looks great! any video of it working?
  11. I build baits from scratch and I was also a Glazier, never have had a bill fall out! as a matter of fact I have broken baits trying to remove the bill that I installed. Vodkaman is right about scuffing the slot!! I personally use a 1/16 drill bit. 1. Prep bills by drilling approx 1/2 of thickness or a little less on both sides and stagger divots from opposite side. 2. Spread whatever adhesive you use on the bill making sure it is in the divots you drilled, doesn't take much. 3. Attach bill to lure and let dry for 24 hours. 4. Try to remove bill without breaking lu
  12. If lexan/polycarbonate bills aren't scuffed or scored in some way no real bond will happen. I use a 1/16 drill bit to put dimples in the material ( lexan/polycarbonate ) for grip for any adhesives I use and never had one fall out.
  13. No problems on the second coat while following directions, but if you miss one of the instructions you have a neat paper weight. Some people ( including myself ) don't read and adhere to the instructions to the T and you will pay for it.
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