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  1. covered in thread below...my diving bills keep falling out.
  2. for got to mention it is cheaper if you buy the 100 lot size.
  3. I have used these with good results. https://www.ebay.com/itm/25-Pack-Spinner-Lure-Bodies-Tackle-Making-or-Slip-Sinker/120549415572?hash=item1c114e1a94:g:B7oAAMXQU6tQ~eOf
  4. Wow looks great! any video of it working?
  5. I build baits from scratch and I was also a Glazier, never have had a bill fall out! as a matter of fact I have broken baits trying to remove the bill that I installed. Vodkaman is right about scuffing the slot!! I personally use a 1/16 drill bit. 1. Prep bills by drilling approx 1/2 of thickness or a little less on both sides and stagger divots from opposite side. 2. Spread whatever adhesive you use on the bill making sure it is in the divots you drilled, doesn't take much. 3. Attach bill to lure and let dry for 24 hours. 4. Try to remove bill without breaking lure or the bill.
  6. If lexan/polycarbonate bills aren't scuffed or scored in some way no real bond will happen. I use a 1/16 drill bit to put dimples in the material ( lexan/polycarbonate ) for grip for any adhesives I use and never had one fall out.
  7. azsouth

    Kbs question

    No problems on the second coat while following directions, but if you miss one of the instructions you have a neat paper weight. Some people ( including myself ) don't read and adhere to the instructions to the T and you will pay for it.
  8. the deal is to know at what temperature the baits/foil can take....normal pvc baits get really pliable about 300 deg f but it depends on exact mixture.
  9. Depends on the money you want to spend. Actual hot stamp machines with exact patterns for each bait are known to be the best way to set foil properly but most $$. I have done some foil with good and not so good results The other less money option is high temp silicone pads heated to cradle different baits. the other option is foil glue but does work well only on flat surface. My .02
  10. I live in Arizona and still have some of those problems but easily fixed with stirring and mixing. Only after they sit for months at a time without use.
  11. Welcome to TU! in my personal experience the heavier the bait the faster the retrieve to get the blade to spin then slow it back down to see at what speed you have to keep it at for blade rotation. the heavier baits will need larger blades, knowing exactly what you are building would really help, blades type, size, weight, wire size, beads, basically from end to end. pictures will help also.
  12. I think we are missing the title guys....I have been around a while and have yet to see a 1 piece glide bait, that will actually do what 2 piece baits do! I am not saying it is impossible but you might want to take very good notes and Patent it.
  13. are they splitting from the leading edges? from the solid yellow and solid orange? if so you probably need to round those corners just a bit.
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