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  1. yes sir, check with your local glass shops for scrap lexan/poloycarbonate. most shops will throw small pieces away as soon as it is cut, so talk with them.
  2. let it soak in cleaner solution ( warmer the better ) being very careful push in a small round file and try to turn it... be firm but gentle. Too much force will completely ruin the brush. if you used anything other than a water based paint it's gonna be even harder.
  3. azsouth

    How long?

    this might help out. https://www.kbs-coatings.com/DiamondFinish-Clear-Directions.html
  4. azsouth

    How long?

    minimum 1 week, 2 weeks if you can wait....I have fished baits dipped 2-3 days later only to ruin them, chip and flake easily. My .02
  5. Walk the walk, Then talk the talk....put up or shut up, pick any saying you want and insert here.
  6. they are pressed in, best bet would be drill them out...starting with a small bit and moving up in size. The release lever has a spring if I remember right so be careful with it. First hole needs to be dead center to avoid oval holes left from not being centered.
  7. I dip them with KBS then blow out the slots using as little air pressure as possible, to much pressure will basically ruin the finish. My .02
  8. I would personally use a router, make a template for each lip design... nothing cuts lexan/polycarbonate better than high speed carbide then hit the edges quick with a propane torch to give it a perfect edge. not the easiest but it is the best way for exact good looking lips.
  9. azsouth


    Minimum of 2 coats if you are dipping, Try the search feature, A lot of threads will come up.
  10. I just visited the site, definitely worth looking at thanks.
  11. Myth or just a wild dream, I wish it was true. Like winning the lottery, 10 pounders every cast and being right all the time.
  12. azsouth

    Shelts blanks

    I wish I could answer your questions exactly but I can not....All I know is that sometimes they get here in 2 weeks and other times are a lot longer....5+ weeks! I have received everything I have ordered from Shelts.
  13. not that exact one but I did try the rainbow chrome, even after watching countless videos on how to properly put it on....I personally had no luck.
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