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  1. I feel your pain!! I am on call 24/7/365.....nothing like working with the fogmind! oh and the headaches right behind the eyes is not fun either!
  2. Welcome to the underground! This hobby will take you over fast if you don't check yourself.
  3. Short strikes and rear hooks are usually from being to quick to set the hook, generally wait for the extra weight then set! Not watching what exactly is happening we are all guessing. My .02
  4. let it soak over night, then use proper airbrush cleaning tools..... that will fix it. dried paint in the brush, hopefully all you spray is water-based or you might need a new brush.
  5. I would not use the toluene it is bad stuff, especially spraying.....look up the MSDS on all those chemicals.
  6. I got it from YouTube years ago and I have not had any problems, I can't remember who I got it from but he air brushed T-shirts for a living. all parts 1/3 for cleaner with a few drops of glycerin.
  7. I use Windex, alcohol and distilled water for cleaner
  8. It will help if you watch the video closely multiple times, your direction and pressure make all the difference.
  9. during dry time ( when bait is tacky ) if there are any particles airborne they will attach to the bait, if you are using a heater that moves air you are effectively putting bits onto your baits... temperature has a lot to do with cure time and tack time.... without all info on your temps/humidity/air movement/pictures we are all giving you our best guess at what is going wrong. I put all my baits on a lure turner, no matter what finish I use. My .02
  10. azsouth


    This place was slow on shipping but came through... http://www.omfishingsinkers.com/
  11. I have one with glitter but the problem that I ran into over and over is glitter will sink, so you have to stir to get it to suspend which adds fine bubbles to your finish which in turn you have to dip 2 more times to get a good smooth finish. Not to mention sanding between glitter coat and finish coat. My .02
  12. I was a glazier, so for me it is not that difficult do....do what works for you.
  13. Table saw to set the height, chop saw to set the width and angles... belt sander to knock of edges or modify. bandsaw and scroll saws don't cut good lines and usually need a lot more time on the sander.
  14. Table saw, chop saw and a belt sander... you can make several hundred in about an hour. Blades for the table and chop should be 80 teeth minimum.
  15. here is a place that sells some https://backwateroutfitting.com/product-category/lure-building/unpainted-lure-blanks-lure-building/unpainted-big-game-lures/
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