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  1. Myth or just a wild dream, I wish it was true. Like winning the lottery, 10 pounders every cast and being right all the time.
  2. azsouth

    Shelts blanks

    I wish I could answer your questions exactly but I can not....All I know is that sometimes they get here in 2 weeks and other times are a lot longer....5+ weeks! I have received everything I have ordered from Shelts.
  3. not that exact one but I did try the rainbow chrome, even after watching countless videos on how to properly put it on....I personally had no luck.
  4. azsouth

    Shelts blanks

    No problem with the rant, Sometimes shipments get held up from overseas.... just be aware of that. You might be able to order your blanks through Amazon, it would be worth a try if you are in a bit of a hurry.
  5. azsouth

    Help with KBS

    My experience with the yellow KBS is not good, I have had no luck with it at all! If it is not clear I would not use it on baits. I have literally dipped with both clear and yellow KBS with the same baits at the same time, the clear comes out flawless while the yellow baits are throw away baits. IMO Hope you have better luck.
  6. azsouth

    1.0 sqare bill

    yes sir, I got some.... Thanks everyone
  7. azsouth

    Clear coat

    I personally don't use bloxygen, but I lived in the desert with no humidity. I also place the lid on after every time I dip. high humidity will cause it to flash.
  8. azsouth

    1.0 sqare bill

    yes sir I did, none in stock.
  9. Does anyone know where I can get some 1.0 square bill blanks? thanks in advance.
  10. I use a size 1 or 2 depending on hook size and what the bait can take, if the bait can take the weight of the bigger split I will usually use it.
  11. not wrong, just trying to help
  12. I use the exact split rings you are using, take your time and get some experience, yes you will spring a few till you get used to the exact point where they spring. smalljaw and Vodkaman are spot on IMO, so sit back toss a couple of cold ones back and pay attention to every movement you make and take note of what sprung the split ring, I am not saying it is easy at first but it will get easier with practice. once you have the leading part of the split ring in the hole, use needle nose pliers to turn it till you get it completely on, pay attention to not spreading the split ring. the toughest part for me is getting the leading edge of the split started in the slit.
  13. azsouth

    Tokyo rig

    I do not use a down swivel, so far no problems.
  14. Welcome to the site! many people here with a lot of knowledge, use the search feature in the upper right...works well.
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