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  1. This is what you need, http://stores.jacobsbaits.com/injector-adapter/
  2. Plastic probably isn’t burnt, it’s the purple flake bleeding that’s causing the brown discolouration. Looks good for the first shoot then gets worse with each reheat.
  3. BP-911

    BTS Molds

    I don't want to start a thread about complaints, I'm giving an update on BTS and this is what has happened to me and its current status. On January 1st 2017 I placed a order for $740 worth of molds, which I never received....... Unlike some I did not try and recoup my money but hoped that someday Bob would be back on his feet and honour this order. 2 weeks ago Bob answered a email and stated that he and his family had went through "life changing" issues.He apologized for not responding and wanted to know if the original order should be filled or did I want to change it. After receiving help from forum members here, I had been able to acquire the required molds ( Big thanks to this forum and its members who I have dealt with and received molds from!) I changed my order to reflect my current needs, Bob stated he would start right away on the molds, in 5 days I received shipping confirmation and picked up my molds yesterday. They are excellent and I would like to thank Bob for fulfilling the order. I hope that this helps some who have been hesitant of placing a order. I will be dealing with him again in the near future and hope that his mold business continues. I am posting this simply to inform everyone of what has happened and that it is fully resolved and has a happy ending.
  4. BP-911

    702 craw

    Check his website and have patience.
  5. Looking for BTS 4.2 and 5.2 Split tail molds, 702 Craw molds and 605 Swimbait Mold.
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