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  1. Your incoming line electricity isn't powerful enough to handle your needs. I'm not an electrician but I think you may need more AMPS. to run your shop.
  2. Above all that is fast shipping... Most customers these days do not want to wait 2-3 weeks or more for there orders to be completed and shipped.
  3. Staying focused and keeping a good attitude is a very difficult thing to do when business isn't going so well. But most great business successes are born in the lean times. The flip side of the coin is being totally overwhelmed with business. It may seem to be a good problem to have but its every bit, if not more stressful, than the lean times. In the lean times you just worry about yourself, but in the busy times you have to worry about yourself and satisfying the "x" amount of eager customers that are waiting for their orders to be fulfilled.
  4. This a list of all the plastisol colorant manufacturers that I am aware of. MF Manufacturing, Lure Craft, Spike- it, and Do-It. If I missed one just add it to the list.
  5. MF Manufacturing has watermelon colorant in a non bleed formula along with 80 or so other colors. http://www.pouryourownworms.com/Liquid-Color-2-oz-Singles-2oz-Liquid-Color.htm?productId=189
  6. I agree 100% with Good Fishing. The key to success is finding a special little niche in the market that sets your business apart from all the others. You will more than likely have to spend hundreds of hours of work and a lot of $ before you ever see a profit. But as the old saying goes, ( If it was easy, everyone would do it). Stay focused on your ultimate business goal and above all else, treat each business downturn as a learning experience and make adjustments to correct the problem. Lastly, Listen to your customers, because they are actually the Bosses of your business.
  7. My prayers for a speedy recovery are with him also..
  8. MF MANUFACTURING is the best quality in my opinion.
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