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  1. Multiple Airbrushes

    I am set up now with 3 paasche talons and a badger bottom feed. Haven't used this set up but im hoping it cuts down on the lost time with color changes. Most of the work I do involves no more than 4 or 5 colors so hopefully it helps.
  2. Supplied Air Respirator Systems

    Thanks for the info
  3. Supplied Air Respirator Systems

    I heat my plastic in a microwave. The fan on the microwave blows the fumes from the heating plastic into the room. I have a exhaust fan in the window of the room but the fumes/smell are still there to a point. I wear a 3M mask with the 6003 filter but I have a beard I don't get the best seal. Thats what has me thinking about the supplied air system with the half mask. The only thing that looks like it may be worrisome is the hose that goes to the unit. I can see where it could get in the way when walking around in the room. Im sure it is something that a person would have to get used to.
  4. Any of you folks use a supplied air respirator? I'm thinking of purchasing a Breathecool II system and I'm looking for some feedback prior to pulling the trigger. Looks like a nice piece of equipment.
  5. airbrushed soft baits

    I use the CoLure Coat paint and love it. Its thick but seems to spray good with a little more air. Once painted, hit it with a coat of SB Clear and you are good to go. I find it to be very durable as well.
  6. Eyes on Soft plastics

    I use Fix-A-Lure glue and the LureWorks soft plastic eyes. Both come from Spike It. So far I am very pleased. Like MonteSS mentioned, if they don't list the size you want give them a call and they can likely get you what you need. I recently ordered some soft plastic eyes from Lurecraft. Haven't received them yet but I,m hoping they will be good as well.
  7. Wood Densities

    Thanks Gliders. I've used wheel weights in the past to make sinkers and such but they are getting harder and harder to come by. A friend of mine that casts his own bullets gave me a large piece of lead (probably 30 lbs.). I'm hoping that will do me for a while. lol
  8. Wood Densities

    I finished up my first glider out w.r.c a couple days ago. Tried it yesterday. Man. That thing glides like a dream. Hopefully the next one will do the same. lol
  9. Multiple Airbrushes

    I have two airbrushes that I use at my paint station. It seems that most of the baits that I make have at least 4 colors. I am pondering the thought of getting a couple more airbrushes to help speed things along and eliminate color changes. It seems that I spend the majority of my time cleaning between colors than actually painting. Do you guys use multiple airbrushes or do you like myself have one or two and just make the necessary color changes as you paint along?
  10. Wood Densities

    I make a 8" long musky glide bait. I used some pine (2x4) recently and it seems the density was inconsistent in a single board. One lure the screw eyes felt like they were going to hold good and the next one the screw eyes felt like I could turn them back out by hand. Also, the holes for the weights were softer then harder. I am pick up a 12' long 8x4 piece of western red cedar this weekend from a local lumber supplier. I'm hoping to settle on this for the type wood I use. I couldn't get the micro balloons and resin to work for me on this particular lure. Even at 100% micro balloons, the lure would barely float. I was casting it in a pressure chamber try to achieve the closest consistency as possible. If I didn't use the pressure chamber they were all over the place. One would sink, one would float, etc. I imagine it was from the bubbles that were introduced during stirring. Hence the reason for the pressure chamber. It will totally eliminate the bubbles but then it seemed I couldn't add enough balloons to get the lure to float good. Also, resin is a bear to pour at 100% balloons.
  11. Wood Densities

    There are definitely a lot of variables involved. I can see why resin baits are so appealing. lol. I just wasn't having any luck making them out of resin and microballons. I might just have to take you up on that test lure offer. Haha. Thanks for the info.
  12. Wood Densities

    After some research it appears that western red cedar does have a range. It isn't that broad though so maybe that's why it is'nt represented in the graph.
  13. Wood Densities

    On the chart it appears that some of the wood varies in density and some of them don't. For example, western red cedar in comparison to basswood. Cedar, western red 0.38 23 23 Basswood 0.3 - 0.6 20 - 37 20 Is all western red cedar 0.38 (103 kg/m3) 23 (lb/ft3) ? What is last number on the basswood (20) and cedar (23)? Is that a average? Thanks for any help.
  14. vac 50 injection mold

    Im thinking about making another VAC 50 mold. Will try the petro jelly next time. The sculpey probably does soak up the UMR
  15. vac 50 injection mold

    I've made a couple injection molds out of VAC 50 for swim bait tails and had great results. The only issue I experienced was getting the master out of the mold. I thought I had everything sanded nice and smooth with no undercuts. One master I had even spray painted with gloss paint. Some of the paint stuck to the mold when removing it. Needless to say, both mastered were destroyed trying to get them out. I used UMR mold release but it was still a pain. The masters were made with sculpey clay.