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  1. DoubleT

    Soft Bait Glue - PVC Cement

    I bought a can of PVC glue the other day and gave it a shot. After allowing it to dry the two pieces peeled right apart. They didnt stick at all.
  2. DoubleT

    Soft Bait Glue - PVC Cement

    So did the PVC cement work for gluing soft plastics?
  3. DoubleT

    Sealing Wooden Crank preferences

    Thanks Mark. I will definitely do that. I've read also that the wood can be warmed to draw in the epoxy deeper. Is this step that crucial?
  4. DoubleT

    Sealing Wooden Crank preferences

    I make some musky baits out of red cedar. I have never used etex to seal them. After reading up on it some I think I am ready to give a try. Do most folks cut it with denatured alcohol or is it ok to seal with straight etex. I realize that the cut etex would likely get deeper into the wood but just curious if people did it both ways.
  5. DoubleT

    Deformed Plastic Lure

    I should have been more clear with my original post. I use them as part of a musky lure that I make. Thanks though.
  6. DoubleT

    Deformed Plastic Lure

    It may have been that way when I received it and I just didn't notice it. I figured that it had gotten mashed by something else in the box while I had them in the closet. I'm hoping that it will go back to its original shape.
  7. DoubleT

    Deformed Plastic Lure

    I soaked it in boiling water and got zero results. Didn't do a thing. I'm gonna let it sit and hope for the best. I thought about the heat gun but figured I would melt the plastic as well.
  8. DoubleT

    Deformed Plastic Lure

    I have some really big grubs that I use for musky fishing. I ordered some a while back and just left them packaged up and in a box with some other grubs. This morning I got one out and it has a large flat spot on its side from where it was mashed in the box with the other stuff. Is there a quick and easy way for it to go back to its original shape or will it ever for that matter? I see online where some folks dunk them in hot water but that seems to be for bent baits. The tail is still nice and straight its just the body of the grub is mashed and out of round. Thanks for any info.
  9. DoubleT

    ETex topcoat problems

    One other thing that can cause issues when the epoxy is curing is slop in the gears of the motor, coupling or any other area. Be sure that the lures rotate all the way around nice and smooth. Excessive slop will cause hesitation in the turner and can cause some pooling of the epoxy while curing. Found that out the hard way.
  10. DoubleT

    T Trebles

    I saw where the Decoys only go to 1/0. I will t the mustads that I have been using. Not hard to do. Just concerns me a little as to how it affects the strength on the hook.
  11. DoubleT

    Airbrush needle

    I do the same thing
  12. DoubleT

    Debris In Topcoat

    I'm guessing you meant alcohol. If not, now I'm really confused.
  13. DoubleT

    Airbrush needle

    Great info. Thanks Chuck
  14. DoubleT

    Debris In Topcoat

    Thanks hazmail. I have some lacquer thinner at the house that I plan to try since I already have it on hand. If I'm not happy with the results I will give the alcohol a try.