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  1. uttexas

    Merry Christmas Guys

    Merry Christmas all
  2. uttexas

    Senko formula

    Other techniques I've used to add weight to soft plastics 1. glass glitter (in the embossing section at Hobby Lobby/Michael's 2. wire snips + metal coat hanger--about 1/4-1/2 inch snips
  3. uttexas

    Any Blackfriday Mold deals?

    Tackle Warehouse sells the sand cast Do-It molds
  4. uttexas

    Senko formula

    Have you experimented with adding silica?
  5. uttexas

    Eyes on Soft plastics

    All good options above. Another would be to insert a glass rattle for an eye ball effect (traditionally used to give eyes to Zoom flukes) Here's a screen shot of Captain Dave's video on how to do it. If you first coat the rattle with a generous amount of Loctite superglue, I'd guess it would stay in there longer.
  6. uttexas

    Laminate colors

    I imagine the tails are very thin. Might be getting blocked off with a metal sheet. Things I'd try 1. Aluminum foil sheet instead of thin metal--foil is more flexible and you will get more liquid plastic where you need it to go. if that doesn't work 2. shoot the tails first (shoot a lure without a laminate sheet, then cut the tails off and put them in the mold, then place the aluminum sheet in the mold and do the laminate process) 3. Hand pour half the mold (except for the tail), then close the mold and shoot the rest with the other color. 4. The last thing I'd consider, and don't recommend doing it unless absolutely necessary, would be to cut more channels in the mold or make the channels wider
  7. uttexas

    Any must have colors?

    The two replies covered my recommended additions. Yep, that's all you need
  8. uttexas

    New invader from the great white north

    Yes, and the process of lure making keeps you sane its a fine line
  9. uttexas

    New invader from the great white north

    Welcome, you're going to fit right in.
  10. uttexas

    Big underspins

    Homemade swimbait on DIY 9/0 underspin
  11. uttexas

    Big underspins

    This might give you some ideas. i used 7/0 and 9/0 screw lock weighted hooks, floral wire, Solder, soldering iron, JB weld, wire form with loop at end, small split ring, swivel, to size 3 and size 4 willow leafs. Bent the wire form at about a 55 degree angle, wrapped the wire form with floral wire onto the hook. Soldered, then JB weld. There's room for improvement on this design, but they work.
  12. uttexas

    vac 50 injection mold

    Always wanted to try VAC 50. I do like POP for soft masters and silicone for more rigid materials. I've had the worst luck with fiberglass resin---It was winter time (cold) and it shrank too much when it set.
  13. uttexas

    Greetings from South Africa

    Welcome You are blessed with one of the most beautiful countries on earth.
  14. uttexas

    Hi from the Netherlands

    Welcome! hope you catch some good ones on those cranks