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  1. New invader from the great white north

    Yes, and the process of lure making keeps you sane its a fine line
  2. New invader from the great white north

    Welcome, you're going to fit right in.
  3. Big underspins

    Homemade swimbait on DIY 9/0 underspin
  4. Big underspins

    This might give you some ideas. i used 7/0 and 9/0 screw lock weighted hooks, floral wire, Solder, soldering iron, JB weld, wire form with loop at end, small split ring, swivel, to size 3 and size 4 willow leafs. Bent the wire form at about a 55 degree angle, wrapped the wire form with floral wire onto the hook. Soldered, then JB weld. There's room for improvement on this design, but they work.
  5. vac 50 injection mold

    Always wanted to try VAC 50. I do like POP for soft masters and silicone for more rigid materials. I've had the worst luck with fiberglass resin---It was winter time (cold) and it shrank too much when it set.
  6. Greetings from South Africa

    Welcome You are blessed with one of the most beautiful countries on earth.
  7. Hi from the Netherlands

    Welcome! hope you catch some good ones on those cranks
  8. Best plastisol for saltwater

    You don't have to use much of the plastic hardener per cup of regular plastisol to make a significant difference. I'd start at two tablespoons per cup and go from there until you find the results you are looking for.
  9. Best plastisol for saltwater

    +1 on MF saltwater or you can approximate it with MF regular + MF plastic hardener.
  10. An idea for a topwater or jig trailer

    Please send me about ten so I can test and report back Reminds me of a new and improved Arkie Salty Crawlin' Fry/tube hybrid
  11. Underspins.. Anyone Use Em?

    That would have been extra good, but no It was a 5/0 owner flashy swimmer with a 4.5 LFT live magic shad I did bring my homemade 9/0 underspins and homemade larger 6 inch swimbaits; but they were eating smaller baitfish this weekend
  12. Underspins.. Anyone Use Em?

    Caught some nice bass around shallow grass and lily pads on a 1/4oz underspin this weekend. They also work for catching these
  13. What did I do wrong (2pc Molds)

    Silicone sticks to silicone maybe I'm not comprehending, but you have to cut a two piece silicone mold in half after the second half cures no amount of mold release will prevent the silicone from bonding with the other half of the mold
  14. Senko mix or formula

    Another way to add weight to a senko without salt or metal is to use glass glitter. That stuff is heavy. You will end up with a lot of green pumpkin magic senkos.