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  1. Nicely done on this lure, very realistic.
  2. G rosa


    Thank you CTBfishing https://www.alternativelures.com/product-page/mcjob
  3. G rosa


    Thank you Big Epp.
  4. G rosa


    Thank you FLB Lures.
  5. G rosa


    6" swimbait, pecockbass pattern.
  6. G rosa


    Big Bass Bug. .5 oz.. 8/0 hook. Foam popper.
  7. Everything I did and how I did it is on my page. I have ben doing it the same way since I made the machine.
  8. If this is not allowed please delete. I have a FB page on foiling lures. There is a bunch of information there. https://www.facebook.com/groups/337976016943741/
  9. I use a round jewelers awl. I spin it in, that forces it all out of the hole then I scrape the sides with a knife.
  10. People have tried to use a heat gun, house iron and a panini press. The house iron came close. A house iron gets to about 300f. I am using over 500f. Every now and then you can find a used press on ebay for cheap. I now one gut who bought a used one for $130. I'm sure there are other ways this can be done. A 300w heater is key.
  11. For highlights I like to use Pearl Ex powder. You can apply a tiny amount on a specific area on a freshly painted bait and them add your clear coat or you can mix it into your clear coat.
  12. I use my fingertips to hold the lure against the pad and I use smaller strips of foil. I posted a video on how I foil the blanks.
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