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  1. Everything I did and how I did it is on my page. I have ben doing it the same way since I made the machine.
  2. If this is not allowed please delete. I have a FB page on foiling lures. There is a bunch of information there. https://www.facebook.com/groups/337976016943741/
  3. I use a round jewelers awl. I spin it in, that forces it all out of the hole then I scrape the sides with a knife.
  4. People have tried to use a heat gun, house iron and a panini press. The house iron came close. A house iron gets to about 300f. I am using over 500f. Every now and then you can find a used press on ebay for cheap. I now one gut who bought a used one for $130. I'm sure there are other ways this can be done. A 300w heater is key.
  5. For highlights I like to use Pearl Ex powder. You can apply a tiny amount on a specific area on a freshly painted bait and them add your clear coat or you can mix it into your clear coat.
  6. I use my fingertips to hold the lure against the pad and I use smaller strips of foil. I posted a video on how I foil the blanks.
  7. Here is the spook I did in the video whith transparent paint an a BSI epoxy clear coat.
  8. If you would like the link to both machines I got on E Bay I will gladly tell you but they need to be modifyed to work. I am sorry for not replying sooner but I don't normally visit this website to often because it is challenging to navigate through if your not use to it. If anyone wants to contact me you can go to my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/170632453478550/ Or you tub https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjDTHpMkQeASLtYVcUWCMKg?view_as=subscriber I hope the information was helpful.
  9. I did a post on one of my groups showing how to modify the press and where to get the materials to do it. The first credit card press I bought was the WTJ-90A. It has a great heater but the gears are made from pot metal and they broke. I cant find any replacement gears and to have some steel gears made will cost $600 or more. The second machine I bought was the TJ-90A. This machine was all metal and has steel gears but the heater was crap and would not get hot enough to apply the foil. So, I took the heater from the first machine and put it on the second machine. Now I have a good machine with steel gears and a good heater. The foils I get from E bay, Cedar run outdoors and different places on the internet. Not all plastic blanks will foil properly, White plastic and yellow plastic will not foil. Clear ABS plastic seems to work the best. I scuff the blank with a gray scotch bright pad then I clean it with denatured alcohol. Even then some will not foil properly. Some times its the clear coat the factory puts on the blanks and some times its in the plastic. So it's not just getting the machine and you can foil anything. Most of the blanks come out great but there are those few frustrating one's to. I am working on these 8" ones now and I can't get behind the gill plate because it sticks out to far. That is also frustrating but it will get paint. I have foiled well over 2000 blanks and I still have 1200 blanks to do. The orders keep coming in every day. People send me the blanks they want foiled and I send them back when there done. At one point I had to stop taking orders just to catch up. This all started as an experiment to see if I could make a lure foiling machine out of something that already existed but it had to be small enough to sit on a table. This is what I ended up with. And it works
  10. I don't mind shearing how its done.Michael and I have a facebook page showing people tips and tricks on how to paint lure's. I have no secrets. I took a credit card stamping machine and modifyed it to do fishing lures. I use hot stamping foil with the press I modifyed. I am using 536 degrees F to melt the foil on the blank. The top aluminum plate has a 300 w heating element inside with a temperature probe. This keeps the temperature constant. The aluminum plate has a 1/2" thick silicone high heat pad. I put the foil on the blank and I press the pad on the foil with a little pressure and hold it there for 9 to 10 seconds. Here is my video so you get the idea. If not allowed please delete.
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