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  1. Here's a lure retriever that I have always be intrigued with, just wish they were a bit less expensive. https://www.facebook.com/zahar.eu/ https://www.ebay.com/itm/SURFER-FISHING-LURE-RETRIEVER-HARD-BAIT-AND-SOFT-LURE-SAVER/123774631478?hash=item1cd18afe36:g:n0YAAOSwYvFZJpPE
  2. I personally would not use an infrared thermometer. Get yourself a good immersion quick read type. When I first started baits I used a very expensive infrared thermometer and found out right away that it only measures surface temperature not the inner temp. It also depends what the emissivity of the plastic is. Black would measure one temp while whites another when in fact they were the same temperature.
  3. Set a notification alert on your credit card for what ever amount you want. Every time there is a charge meeting or exceeding the amount there is a text, e-mail or both sent to you. You then know the instant a charge is made on your account. In most cases I get the alert before I even remove my card from the machine, solves a lot of problems.
  4. Some of my jigs I use eyes not so much because they are eyes but I sometimes feel maybe that speck of glow in the dark is helping? Confidence baits?
  5. Just got a pint from KBS a couple days ago and it's crystal clear in jar.
  6. With harbor freight sometimes it's hard to say what it does. HF is calling it a "flow regulator?", which explains why when you let off it goes back up to tank pressure. What your looking for is a "pressure" regulator. With a pressure regulator you can set the pressure and it maintains the set pressure whether the gun is spraying or not.
  7. I've been using it on everything and been very happy.
  8. Just happen to have a Diner Shiner in my pocket with no hook. Had a friend wondering the same thing so cast one without hook. Depending on how many you need just drill a hole threw the center. Could even make a drilling jig if needed.
  9. When they are out of a color it doesn't show up on their web site.
  10. I tried the epoxy route once and wasn't for me. Used Sally Hansen this summer on some chatter and spinner baits and had real good luck. Used the KBS Diamond coat the other night for the first time. As per lots of reading I transferred mine into glass canning jars with seals and am using the argon from Diamond coat. Yes it does have a powerful smell! That being said it must be good if it smells really bad? Nice thing is that I could have it shipped to Montana (winter here) and not have any freezing problems.
  11. Funny this came up. I have just started air brushing (trying) and my first batch of Createx Wicked colors just showed up, rock hard. I put it in a warm place and sent of an e-mail to Createx, here is their reply. Thank you for contacting Createx Colors. Please find attached our application guide. Wicked Colors will survive a freeze / thaw cycle. Our paints that do not survive a freeze/ thaw are AutoBorne Sealer, candy2o, 4030 Balancing Clear and 4040 Bleed Checker. For a complimentary catalog, please email us your shipping address and let us know if we may be of any further service. Best Regards, Createx Colors Customer Service info@createxcolors.com
  12. Yep. Got some 1/4" diam by 1/8" thick , from https://www.kjmagnetics.com/proddetail.asp?prod=D42. Carefully line up where you want them and drill a hole slightly larger than 1/4" (so the epoxy will ooze out). Glue them in and away you go.
  13. I've drilled and epoxied small magnets in a number of my molds, they really work great.
  14. It kinda looks like this post is going a bit sideways. That being said I'm human. I make mistakes, some times I can even laugh at them. Bottom line, I have ordered a lot from almost every company that's been mentioned and each has made a mistake at one time or another, it happens. They have always made it right. I believe that one's attitude also effects the out come. If I didn't order from one of them just because they made a mistake I wouldn't have anywhere to get any supplies from, which I guess the wife would like.
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