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  1. MT204

    Skirt tabs

    Funny you should bring this up. Last night checked and have colors in my whish list (fishing skirts) from April 6 2021. How can it be (ya I know) in this day and age that skirts are only made in 1 or 2 places in the world? Is the manufacturing so toxic that it can't be done in the US? Is there only one machine in the world? Is labor sooo much cheaper? Seems as though there could be somewhere in the US they could be made. That being said I wish there was someone who put together a "cross" reference for the part numbers from companies for the different "brands", just to
  2. So I got to admit I tried the DOP. The fanboys over on the DOP FaceBook page do nothing but rave about it. Well I bought the Finesse blend for some small ice baits and was very unhappy with it. No matter how long I waited or cooled the molds the legs on most small creatures came out deformed and they stayed "sticky" and would not cure. Coarse the answer they had was, you must not have stirred, shaken or blended it enough. I had. Well then you must not have heated it enough, I had. Well then you must have heated it to much, I had not. Well you should buy a vac chamber, I have one. The
  3. Clean the mold with lacquer thinner. Paint with high temp paint. Let it dry over night and take a new razor blade and cut the paint of the flats. Eazy peazy! And yes silicon is extremely hard on paint and almost impossible to paint after silicon was on it.
  4. Been experimenting making large tubes myself for Pike. I like the idea of the tail pipe. Could weld a "heat sink" on the pipe then set it on a hot plate? Guess that's something to try this weekend.
  5. Someone over on the Facebook page had them custom made. Only had them made in 2/O and only sold like a 1000 at a time.I have made some using a modified Do-It mold and the sinker inserts just make sure they are the steel ones and not the brass ones.....so far no failures.
  6. Here's a lure retriever that I have always be intrigued with, just wish they were a bit less expensive. https://www.facebook.com/zahar.eu/ https://www.ebay.com/itm/SURFER-FISHING-LURE-RETRIEVER-HARD-BAIT-AND-SOFT-LURE-SAVER/123774631478?hash=item1cd18afe36:g:n0YAAOSwYvFZJpPE
  7. I personally would not use an infrared thermometer. Get yourself a good immersion quick read type. When I first started baits I used a very expensive infrared thermometer and found out right away that it only measures surface temperature not the inner temp. It also depends what the emissivity of the plastic is. Black would measure one temp while whites another when in fact they were the same temperature.
  8. Set a notification alert on your credit card for what ever amount you want. Every time there is a charge meeting or exceeding the amount there is a text, e-mail or both sent to you. You then know the instant a charge is made on your account. In most cases I get the alert before I even remove my card from the machine, solves a lot of problems.
  9. Some of my jigs I use eyes not so much because they are eyes but I sometimes feel maybe that speck of glow in the dark is helping? Confidence baits?
  10. Just got a pint from KBS a couple days ago and it's crystal clear in jar.
  11. With harbor freight sometimes it's hard to say what it does. HF is calling it a "flow regulator?", which explains why when you let off it goes back up to tank pressure. What your looking for is a "pressure" regulator. With a pressure regulator you can set the pressure and it maintains the set pressure whether the gun is spraying or not.
  12. I've been using it on everything and been very happy.
  13. Just happen to have a Diner Shiner in my pocket with no hook. Had a friend wondering the same thing so cast one without hook. Depending on how many you need just drill a hole threw the center. Could even make a drilling jig if needed.
  14. When they are out of a color it doesn't show up on their web site.
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