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  1. Where can I buy one or does anyone have a diagram of an easy one to build?
  2. Looking for a 6” fluke mold. Something along the Berkley jerk shad design. Any ideas where I can get it? Looking for multi cavity as well
  3. Anyone have any experience with selling their baits in tackle shops on consignment? The store owner approached me and asked if i wanted to sell some of my stuff on consignment in his store. Told me to bring him some samples to look at and we could go from there.
  4. Fisheye48


    looking for shrimp and menhaden scent. Anyone have any sources other than lure works
  5. Has anyone matched the berkley camo color? ive tried and got the green but not the red color
  6. looking for something along this line in 1/8oz. every mold ive found is a thinner wire bass hook. Any ideas on places to look without modding a mold to fit a thicker hook?
  7. ive emailed him and heard back from him telling me to send him what i was looking for. Havent heard back.
  8. Anyone have any other suggestions? Everyone I’ve contacted either isn’t taking custom work right now or won’t contact me back.
  9. Never added salt to any of my plastics but a buddy has asked me to shoot him some with salt. What are some of the do's and dont's and salt preference. Thanks!
  10. does anyone have a video of the ripper in the water. Been eyeing the mold since they came out but want to see the action first
  11. Anyone ever had a problem with spike-it and sending their orders? Going on a week now without any kind of shipping info. All I got my my invoice and they won't return emails
  12. Been searching the internet to find somebody to make a custom injection mold for me. Haven't had much luck in getting people to respond. Anyone know of a company that does custom CNC work??
  13. Fisheye48


    Looking to try some different glitter. I normally use the MF hex in .15 & .35. Who else has some good stuff. I tried the craft store route and didn't like the results.
  14. I just got some X2 from do it in chartruce. I like mine bright so I added more that I normally would and it came out nice and bright. I didn't add anything to it. That is just the colorant
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