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  1. Addition to blank lure suppliers. 


    Hi, can you add Backwater Outfitting to list of suppliers. Thanks. www.Bckwateroutfitting.com  


  2. Are your wood baits store bought or did you make them? If you make them is the size consistent? What pattern are you trying to paint?
  3. Lith74


    This is my perch pattern that I painted using some Tulle over the top and for the stripes.
  4. I haven't found one yet to put together. There is one at Jans Netcraft that's 6ft IM6 medium heavy blank. I am going to look at the one from Mudhole too. Not sure which blank would be better, almost looks like the Mudhole one might be better. Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it.
  5. Here's some pics. There are some scratches, but it's cloudy. The second pic I added spit to the bill to see it clear up some. Thanks.
  6. I know I read something about this before but for the life of me I cannot find it. I fly some cranks in a sample pack from Shelts. The lips are not clear. I cleaned all the baits work alcohol, the clean up some temporarily. I thought I saw some one day to use clear nail polish. Does this work? Any other ways to make the lips clear again? Thanks.
  7. Hi guys, I am looking to build a vertical jigging rod to use on the Detroit River. We use 3/4oz to 1oz jigs in heavy current. What I am looking for is recommendations for a good quality blank to use and where to buy them. The spinning rod needs to be 6ft or shorter, medium to medium heavy action. I also need to make it short between the butt and the reel seat. Thanks.
  8. I am kind of new to this, but I have made my stencils from this stuff at Hobby Lobby, its the cheapest readily available stuff carried in store around me. https://www.hobbylobby.com/Crafts-Hobbies/Stencils-Craft-Paints/Stenciling/12"-x-18"-Stencil-Blanks/p/27038 I built my vacuum mold from a coffee can, drilled holes in the top and drilled a hole for the vacuum attachment. I found that this stuff works the best. If the lure has eyeballs or fins, you can get this stuff to shrink down to get good detail. I have found that with thinner stencil plastic and some of the plastic from some toys that the plastic folds down some and the starts shrinking, but not around the lure. I actually melted 2 sets of lures experimenting trying to get it shrink down more. With the stuff from Hobby Lobby you can still cut it pretty easily, for some of the bluegill designs where the lines are small and close together I used a stencil cutter, the cleaned them up with an exacto style knife. I am going to try the milk jug though, my kids drink a lot of milk.
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