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  1. I am interested in purchasing a gently used dual injector. Also interested in purchasing molds. Sinkos, craws, Frogs. Send me pries of what you have available!
  2. TizzleT

    Injection Molds

    Still available?
  3. I have recently been buying larger baits so I am searching for a new rod that can handle large swimbaits and or baits that are heavier on weight. I bought a Gantarel which weighs 2.5oz. I am looking for a rod that will be able to handle anything from 1oz-XXoz. Any recommendations would be great. These are 2 of the rods that i was looking at buying: Okuma Guide Select "a" Series Swimbait Rod 7'11" XH - Lure Weight 2-10oz Dobyns Fury Casting Rod 8' Heavy Swimbait - Lure Weight 2-8oz Also, if a rod is rated a 2oz what will happen if I throw a 1oz bait on it?
  4. Ok, good deal. I just received a new package in the mail. It is full of stuff, including the smaller handheld pot/pour. I am excited to see how the two pots compare/differ from each other. The lead does come off with scratching with a fingernail. So I will need to pick up some harder lead for the buzzbaits/spinnerbaits.
  5. What does it mean when the lead that you pour has a colored tint to it? Mainly blue is what I am seeing.
  6. Thanks again fellas! Cadman - I have already learned quickly if it isn't working out well just stop what your doing and walk away. I plan on getting a smaller 1oz ladle and the smaller Lee-4lb that smallmouth mentioned, just so I can learn the pros and cons to each of it's uses. Smallmouth - Thanks for the information, I have upgraded my ventilation in the work area since working with lead. I haven't got around to buying any specific sprays to apply to the molds, just started with candles due to it being inexpensive and the simplicity of it. I have A LOT to learn and to read up on. Everyone had to start somewhere and I am glad that there is a forum for Fishing Enthusiasts and very helpful members on it as well!
  7. So in your all's opinion which is the "best" all around pot to use? And please give reasons as to why. I am liking the Lee Pro Pot 20lb for its 4" clearance but it sounds like the distance from the spout could be an issue with buzz/spinners. Do people buy a large pot and the smaller handheld Palmer pot for those trickier pours?
  8. Fantastic information provided everyone. I GREATLY appreciate all the pointers and tips. It sounds like I just play around with all of these pointers and see what helps. I have seen several comments regarding types of pours/pots. I am somewhat familiar with the bottom pour, but I have never seen a top pour or a smaller 1oz pour. Like I said, I am pretty new to pouring my own lead, so learning by trail and error and also asking for support (on here) is much appreciated. Thank you all very much, I want to try and find these other pours/pots you all are talking about! Thanks AGAIN!
  9. Thank you toadfrog and fshng2!!!! I will try this out and get back to you all, hopefully this will do the trick. I did notice when trying to pour the 1/4oz buzzbait I had to have the mold roughly 2-3" below the bottom pour spout.
  10. I recently started pouring my own lead and bought 3 molds one of which is giving me extreme problems. The Do-It Buzzbait mold with 1/8oz and 1/4oz cavities. I have poured roughly 15+ of these and they all are coming out flawed. I purchased the mentioned wire forms and hooks that was on the website. I have not done any modifications to this mold, other than adding double sided type to where the end of the wire form lays inside the mold, the 1/4oz cavity just slips out constantly when closing the mold. Seems like no matter what I do, either the bend that accepts the hook or the shaft were you place the skirt onto does come out right. See pictures: I am using the Lee Production Pot IV. Any suggestions as to what I could try differently. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  11. I could have sworn I seen in a catalog from a company that you can make you ow double plop buzzbait. Has anyone seen this or know which company offers it?
  12. TizzleT

    Various molds

    (1)BTS 4 cavity 3" Craw trailer mold $85 TYD - Still available?
  13. TizzleT

    3" craw jig trailor.

    Still available?
  14. TizzleT

    BTS Issues?

    Very true, I just really like those 2 trailers he offered.
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