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  1. No intention of buying an ebay special, just trying to keep my costs down. Do it sells theirs for about $50 less, but they're out of stock too. Is everyone making laminates because of the pandemic? I'm guessing supply chain issues.
  2. I make a lot of floating baits using the floaty bubble stuff. I'm experimenting with making floating, or neutral buoyancy claws for my crayfish LOL...you do know what boat means don't you? Bust Out Another Thousand Spending money on the boat! That's funny! You have to do that over the life of the boat. A hole in the ocean into which you pour lots of money. The two happiest days in a boat owners life the day he buys it and the day he sells it...And I'm sure the list goes on. I have a 24' walkaround sitting in my driveway that the engine needs to come out of. I/O Chevy 5.
  3. I'm the same. But I am way fussy, and I'm always tweaking. I may skip the soft sinking, and switch to a medium sinking, and just use the softener to adjust wiggle and texture after adding salt, glass beads,etc. On remelts of dark colors, no stabilizer, just a tiny bit on lighter colors, and none on clearish baits. I just make small batches so I don't have to worry about yellowing. That's quite the bottle assortment! I'm adding some more shelving to keep mine under control. I've got to figure out how to fix the disappearing color name on the pigment bottles.
  4. Getting tired of cutting makeshift laminate plates out of aluminum flashing. While they work great they're too slow. Decided to forego any new molds for a while and get a dual injector instead. Recommendations? I looked at the Bass Tackle one. Out of my price range, and unavailable anyway. Don't feel like waiting for one to come from overseas so that option is out. Do-It? Price is reasonable. What is everyone using? Want to keep it under $200.
  5. Update on learning curve. Cut the stainless rods a bit short so as not to interfere with the injection port. Made one a bit longer to see if that actually would happen. It doesn't. Actually makes a better bait. Will order more stainless rods, and cut them longer. also on my learning curve. Removing the stainless rods is a *%^$ if you forget to lube them. Note to self Remember to lube the rods.
  6. Reading my last years Do-It catalog, they show a " Crystal Clear" hardener. Gonna drop them a line and see if theirs is truly crystal clear, or if that's just their brand name.
  7. Try posting this in the Wire Baits forum. You'll probably get better ideas there. For lead ingots Ebay.
  8. No worries. I also have bottle of pigment with no names. So from time to time I make small runs of baits to see what it is, and then sharpie the name on the bottle. Think greens, purples. All like colors but different. And I was wrong on one account. I have been using medium plastic. Because I fish deep water (50+), and to match the weights of the original, I also use a lot of salt or glass beads. so sometimes the baits will be too soft, so add hardener, then too stiff, so add softener. We all do it. However, I'm experimenting with core shot baits without actually buying new molds, I
  9. Got my stainless rods delivered the next day. Help when the supplier is only about 20 miles away. Skipped dinner and went right to work. Had 12" rods cut each to size. Mixed some plastic to play with. Coated the rods with pure silicone lube. Heated, poured my first ones, and was immediately disappointed. I poured some medium plastic from the bottom of the bottle and for some reason, they came out gooey. NO hard pack, no plastic left. Can't quite figure that out.rod didn't center right, color cols blew through the side of a senko. Called it a night after that Tried again today. Big im
  10. Found a supplier not too far from my home that sell stainless steel round rods. Cut to whatever length you need. I ordered 6- 12" long 1/8' diameter rods that I can cut to fit. Price was negligible.
  11. Seeing I pretty much only use MF plastisol I'm pretty sure what I was using was MF hardener. The LC I have now is a pain in the keester to work with. I'm with you nearly impossible to work with. I ordered my last quart of hardener and stabilizer 3 years ago, so I use very little of the stuff. Been pouring around 30 years. I know the process, can't remember what brand I last ordered.I've tried other brands of plastic. Shipping brings the total price. up to around that of MF. So I stick with that. When I ordered lure craft I had ordered beads or hooks or something. so I added har
  12. Some time back I bought a hardener that was clear, or close to clear. The label had worn off and all print was gone from the bottle. Anyone know who might sell this type of hardener? I've since bought a bottle of hardener, I believe its Lurecraft brand that is a paste PVC resin type. Hard to use. Doesn't mix well no matter what I do. Doesn't allow me to make clear baits. Can't use it for reheats so I can dial in exactly what I want when making recipes. In short I hate the stuff. I want my clear one back! Can anyone here help me out?
  13. OK so the bug has me.I want to try this! Where do I get 1/8 inch rods?
  14. I make tones of baits with different color tails. and tons of laminates, and never had them separate. Is it possible there's something oily on the mold that's preventing a solid bond? On your hands? Or maybe plastisol needs to be mixed more? I know there are times when I don't mix well enough my finished baits have an oily feel to them. Are you using a thermometer to check your plastic temps? I've had some baits now that are three years old with no issues.
  15. While I don't know about shooting smaller cores, I do see in those videos, that once the original bait is injected with the rods in place, the bait is removed, and the tail cut off. That creates the vent that you're looking for. If you notice in the videos the tails are the same color as the injected core. At least that's what it seems to be in the videos I saw.
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