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  1. Tiderunner


    Ordered the 731 creaw from BTS Single cavity. If its the one I want I can order another as it would still come out the same as a two cavity mold. Now I' have to make a laminate plate.
  2. Thats pretty much the lureworks type. I even mixed plastic in a small jar with the hardener and shook the snot out of it, mixed into my pouring plastic and stirred some more, then stirred some more began heating, stopped, heated more stirred, and I still got lumps. even heated slow. I also poured a few dozen wacky worms the other day, and I though they were too soft. I bagged them today. What a difference once fully cured. It doesnt help either that I have two bottles of something that its contents took the writing off off the bottles. Turns out their both softeners. One sinking. Baits were wayyy too soft.
  3. a little pricey ( all their molds are ) but they do have some great stuff. Its a half inch shorter and I know there is a cnc mold out there 3/4 inch shorter, for half price. I dont mind spending but I'd want to be sure of the closeness of the finished bait. If I could get my hands on sample baits poured from both mold makers to compare it would definitely help. Body contours, weight action etc.
  4. Soooo. since I can't find the kut tail worm mold, I was thinking of trying to make my own. Am I to understand that the silicone can hold up to the high temps for pouring plastic? And how does this stuff pour? is it a thick stuff, is it a liquid? Seems easy enough to make the mold 'cept my art ability sucks.
  5. I bought a nice grub mold from him right before he shut it down I was more than happy with it. Now that I think about it, I've bought molds from pretty much everyone. Just ordered the craw mold today from Bass Tackle.
  6. What is everyone using for hardener? I used the MF plastics in the beginning, Then I used LureWorks. The MF was much better for my use. I don't use much hardener, Ive bough 3 pints in the last 4 years, and still have 2 left.
  7. Of course not. I wouldn't have enough dollar bills for fishing stuff if I did.
  8. Mine weigh about the same. I use a combo of salt and 70-100 glass beads. I mainly add salt because I've given up trying to make clear baits. Ive tried using only glass but still not clear. Color I'm most trying to duplicate is Yamo 197 It.s nearly impossible. And after the first reheat the plastisol stsrts to yellow even at low temps. adding stabilizer is no help because it has a yellowish tint to it. That's really the only color I have problems with.Yamamoto 197 Deadly on clear water smallmouth in these parts
  9. Looked through their entire website. Not what I'm looking for. But they do have a lot of aluminum molds at reasonable prices I'm intersted in. The Ktworm mold is the one I'd be most interested in. But I've only found the 5.25"
  10. I know this post is from another lifetime ago, but I can never seem to get my baits that clear. I do have a question though. Have you ever weighed your stick baits? I try to get my 5" senko type as close to 10g-11g. Thats what most senkos I've weighed come out to.
  11. Same here, I've been using the same recipe pretty much, and have been for the same amount of time. The inside of my injector is scored, but if it's still functional who cares? I've only replaced on O ring during this time.
  12. Then go first class in a padded envelope. The cost will be around $5.00. And maybe take a day longer for delivery
  13. Guess I better get my order in if I want delivery for late December.
  14. Tiderunner


    I just fish my craws on a round head jig. Bare. Although I have been tying some matching bucktails lately to use with craws, but haven't tested them thoroughly yet, because it seems every time I want to get out the conditions suck. My son will fish craws on a EWG hook, and an unpegged bullet weight.In a day fishing smallies we may go through 3 dozen baits. Snagging has gotten better since I started pouring tin jigs. Non toxic laws here in New England. The slower fall of tin jigs keeps them out of the rocks longer.
  15. Now that I'm using wacky worms and Neko Rigs more I went back to a softer bait. I want that thing wiggling like a pole dancer when it begins the fall. And for a softener I use the MF sinking softener. I test my baits by taking a commercial bait and wiggling it in my hand, and then repeat the process with my homemade baits. I do weigh my baits to get them as close to an original. Between 10g-11g for senko types. And between 8g-10g for my wacky worms. That's about as scientific as it gets in my laboratory.
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