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  1. danthefisherman

    Roman Made Clone (6.75", 2.4oz)

    Teach me your ways lol... Looking great Preston! Excited to see where this bait will end up in the future!
  2. danthefisherman

    2018 Coolest Lure Contest Results!

    Wow! I remember the last week before the deadline had so many AMAZING entries that I thought I wouldn't stand a chance haha. Thanks TU for hosting this and helping make our work extra special and meaningful! And we'll done to EVERYONE who entered... definitely some very creative, talented, and inspiring work Dan
  3. danthefisherman

    Lure Contest Judging Underway

  4. danthefisherman

    Bluegills SwimbaitIMG_2082.JPG

    There's another on the other side!
  5. danthefisherman

    Bluegills SwimbaitIMG_2082.JPG

    Automatic winner...well done!
  6. danthefisherman

    7” Bad Frog

    Haha we'll see! There's some pretty amazing work being entered...
  7. danthefisherman

    7” Bad Frog

    Now that's one BAD frog! Very creative and unique...awesome job!
  8. danthefisherman


    Wow...Very clean and artful look! This one gets my vote for sure. Well done!
  9. danthefisherman


    Clean! Reminds me of a Jedi lightsaber...well done!
  10. danthefisherman

    Catawba Worm

    Very nice! I have these on my tomato plants lol
  11. danthefisherman

    Keeper Trout

    Sorry the original photo is a little blurry, but at least she catches fish! I was reading through forum threads and came upon this one that had me thinking how cool it would be to see some fish catch pictures on all these awesome garage baits http://www.tackleunderground.com/community/topic/33995-new-idea-for-best-lure-contest/. This fish was my first bass of the year and my very first fish on the Keeper. Comparing the size of the bait to the size of her mouth has me dumbfounded.
  12. danthefisherman

    Keeper Trout

    Thank you, sir!
  13. danthefisherman

    Baby Mallard

    Those feet will get attention for sure! Well done!
  14. danthefisherman

    9" 3.25oz Grenade, Pencil Popper, Plug LAB Cape Cod

    Very unique...love the eyes and the overall profile!
  15. danthefisherman

    Keeper Trout

    8.75" multi-joint Keeper Trout swimbait with assist hook hanger in the tail and an additional line tie on the chin. 100% hand carved out of a single block of wood using only a utility knife, a handsaw, and sandpaper. Base colors are spray painted with the detailing and highlights hand-applied using acrylic. This bait took over a year to finish, but it swims like a champ and has a very special place in my tackle box.