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  1. danthefisherman

    Transparent Urethane Fins?

    Update: I was checking Alumilite's website the other day and noticed that the product I am using recently got reformulated to cure quicker and set a translucent yellow color. I sent them an email asking for a reference photo of the reformulated urethane and am just waiting for a reply now. If anyone has experience with the reformulated product and can share a picture that would be awesome! I bought my product back in October before it was reformulated. Also thanks again for all the replies gentlemen... it's definitely a huge help! Dan
  2. danthefisherman

    Transparent Urethane Fins?

    Thank you for sharing! I was looking at this and Smooth-On's Econ Series urethane...might have to give them a try Haha yeah I was looking at this stuff too! It's a pretty cool product but the safety warnings scared me away too
  3. danthefisherman

    Transparent Urethane Fins?

    That looks pretty good! A LOT closer to what I had in mind at least haha... If you wouldn't mind replying or private messaging me with what you're using I'd really appreciate it. If you'd rather keep it secret then I totally understand that as well. I'm sure I'll find something sooner or later haha. Thanks for the reply!
  4. danthefisherman

    Transparent Urethane Fins?

    Just enough to let some more light come through...this Flex stuff cures a basically opaque off-white color. I've checked different products from both Alumilite and Smooth-On without finding any options that are safe to use at home without industrial grade safety equipment. Attached below is a picture of one of my failed trial pours, but it shows the transparency without any colorants added. Hey Will, I remember now that you mentioned the Flex 30 in a prior conversation! I have tried both powder/dust and dye colorants with success! It's to my knowledge that the harder Flex series cure a different color so it might be different for you, but since the Flex 70 cures an off white the final product will be significantly lighter than when you go to pour it. Overall I'm very happy with the Flex series...I just wish it cured a more translucent hue. Thanks for the replies, gentlemen!
  5. danthefisherman

    Transparent Urethane Fins?

    I've been looking around without finding much...thanks for chiming in @DingerBaits!
  6. danthefisherman

    Transparent Urethane Fins?

    Hello all! I just recently got into pouring my own semisoft urethane fins for hardbaits but would really like the ability to pour some translucent colors. The product I'm using is the Alumilite Flex series and it cures an opaque ivory color without any coloring added (attached photo shows the tail with dark gray powder added). If anyone could steer me in the direction towards a urethane rubber product that cures a more transparent color that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Dan Edit: Wasn't really sure whether this is supposed to go in the softbait category, but I thought it was more appropriate in the hardbait section.
  7. danthefisherman

    10 inch perch.jpg

    Always pumping out awesome work! How deep does she dive?
  8. danthefisherman


  9. danthefisherman

    muskie gill5.jpg

    I like it!
  10. danthefisherman

    The Leviathan trout

    So clean...love seeing your work!
  11. danthefisherman

    Roman Made Clone (6.75", 2.4oz)

    Teach me your ways lol... Looking great Preston! Excited to see where this bait will end up in the future!
  12. danthefisherman

    2018 Coolest Lure Contest Results!

    Wow! I remember the last week before the deadline had so many AMAZING entries that I thought I wouldn't stand a chance haha. Thanks TU for hosting this and helping make our work extra special and meaningful! And we'll done to EVERYONE who entered... definitely some very creative, talented, and inspiring work Dan
  13. danthefisherman

    Lure Contest Judging Underway

  14. danthefisherman

    Bluegills SwimbaitIMG_2082.JPG

    There's another on the other side!
  15. danthefisherman

    Bluegills SwimbaitIMG_2082.JPG

    Automatic winner...well done!