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  1. Thank you all for the amazing advice! It seems I have many options to choose from haha. I've been looking around since my original post and it's all been quite confusing with so many companies trying hard to sell their product. I think I'd rather just buy precut lips like @ravenlures kindly suggested and cut them to size. Does anyone know of good places to buy from that take PayPal as payment and have a good variety of sizes and shapes? LPO and Jann's Netcraft are pretty limited and Rollie and Helen's Muskie Shop doesn't accept PayPal. Barlows Tackle has decent pricing and options, but I'm looking for somewhere with more variety. These lips will be for 5"-9" hard bodied swimbaits. Thank you kindly! Dan
  2. Hello TU! I don't really post much on here but have enjoyed learning from you all for a couple of years now. Anyways, I am in the market for a budget and user friendly scroll/band saw to cut polycarbonate lexan lips up to or past 1/8" thick. My brother and I make big custom swimbaits and it's hard to find pre-cut lips that are the right size and shape for our needs. Yes, I have already used the search function and read through many threads covering this topic, but a lot of them were pretty old and I'm sure there are new products on the market now. Our budget is up to $200, but we'd prefer to stay around $100-150 if we can. We're really just looking to cut lips with the saw, but precision with cutting wood and other materials is always a bonus. If you can provide a link with any of your suggestions that would be great! Thank you for your time and input! Dan
  3. danthefisherman

    Rainbow bait.jpg

    I really like the gills! Well done!
  4. danthefisherman

    2019-03-17 17.58.44

    Looks so good! Well done, Rod!
  5. So clean...still one of my favorite entries
  6. Looks awesome! I want to try painting my own reels sometime in the future!
  7. Gee, Will...that is AWESOME! You should paint up a crankdown gill like this one!
  8. This bait keeps catching my eye...super clean work!
  9. Uh oh... Looks awesome, Will! I'd throw it!
  10. danthefisherman

    4" goby

    Very nice! Smallmouth killers!
  11. Thanks Will! We spur each other on and seek to improve together. I have a whole list of projects I want to do so I'm not planning to stop anytime soon haha
  12. Thank you , sir! Only the best on this bait since I worked so hard on it
  13. I carved the master for this resin bait 100% by hand out of a block of wood using only simple carving knives and sand paper. It has a triple joint configuration which gives it a very fluid and natural swim at a wide variety of retrieval speeds and cadences. A full set of soft plastic fins adds to its realism and collapses easily out of the way when a predator fish strikes the bait. This black crappie paint scheme was accomplished by using six layered colors of spray paint topped off with a black crappie scale pattern applied by hand with a tooth pick. These patterns alone took a few hours to complete but were well worth the effort. Overall this is my best work yet and I'm excited to see how I can improve. Thanks for looking! Dan
  14. Looks awesome! I like the adjustable length idea!
  15. danthefisherman


    Wow! That is legit!
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