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  1. I just purchased a 55 gallon drum of medium plastisol and was wondering everyones opinion on mixing. Mixers are almost as much as the barrel. Does anyone have a cheaper approach? Just wondering if anyone has any info Thanks in advance-
  2. Has anyone ordered Calhoun plastic straight from Calhoun?? Bears baits just incase anyone doesn't know is closed for a while. He's has some serious health issues from my understanding as well as the flood that happened here a while back just put him to far back. I know thats the brand he used but I'm trying to go with the same plastic and was wondering if anyone ordered from Calhoun and how much it would be. Any info would be awesome. Fire away...
  3. Printed bags just like your normal strike king soft plastic lure bags but my own.
  4. Where can I get lure packaging mass produced from? The ones I have now are printed with my logo and what not but the company I bought it from previously went out of business. Any direct companies that anyone knows of? I have the design and everything just need it in mass rather than just a few.
  5. I have a sinking bait I use to troll and got it for an elderly gentlemen a long time ago. This lure has no background whatsoever. Looks like a mirror lure but even they said it has no connections to them. I want to duplicate this bait for my own fishing needs but have never made hard plastic sink baits or nor do I know the process. Is there any way or shop that actually does this? Is there a place to mass produce these things. Just curious.
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