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  1. Next tool

    I have truly enjoyed all the comments on my posts so far on this site. Lots of great help and information. I am just getting into the hand carving balsa baits world and I have a band saw. My questions is what would be your next purchase as far as tools go for building lures. What would help my process and make it easier.
  2. Lure consistency

    Guys I am just curious of some of your setups for getting the same wood lures consistently the same. I want to produce multiple lures at the same time and am curious about how you guys do it. Currently I am cutting a few blanks out with a band saw and then using a regular drill to drill holes for hook hangers and belly weights. Then sanding each lure by hand with sand paper. I am planning on getting a small drill press soon and trying to make my mind up on a sander of some kind. Sanding each lure by hand is a pain. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    What type of concrete sealer do you use to seal before painting?
  4. Multicolor help!!

    I am wanting to pour a bait with one color tail and another color body. How do you guys do this? I would rather use a 2 part mold instead of open pour. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Drying station help

    Thanks for the reply guys but I ended up burning that motor up. I just wired it and plugged it in the wall. Worked for a minute. I bought a different style motor off eBay since that was 120v 3rpm and built a temporary drying wheel out of some scrap wood. Works great. I'm really getting into this carving baits and if I can just figure out how to get the lip slot straight every time and make the bait run right I will be on a roll.
  6. Drying station help

    I got a turn table motor out of a microwave and I want to build a lure drying station. How do I wire this motor.
  7. Clear coat problem

    What do you use to get the small specks or dots of black on the bait?
  8. 5 minute epoxy ?

    Can you guys post some links to where I can get epoxy from to coat my finished lures. I am having trouble finding what I need. I have used gorilla glue 5 minute epoxy and it seems to work fine. I just wonder if I should be using something else and where could I get it.
  9. Hook hanger adhesive

    Have any of you guys used a glue such as gorilla glue or anything similar to glue the hook hangers in? Or have you been strictly epoxy all the way?
  10. Air brush paints

    Where do you guys buy your air brush paints and supplies?
  11. Hook hanger?

    do you guys prefer wire all the way through the lure body or do you just insert the wire in the ends and epoxy in place? What is the best method for doing the wire through if that is your preferred method?
  12. Crankbait lip

    Hey guys I am new to lure carving and this site. I have came up with a free hand design for the body of the crankbaits I am carving and I also freehanded the first couple lips I used on them. I am wondering what is the easiest way to cut the lips. I am using 1/8 lexan right now and it is very hard to cut the pattern out and get it right . Any help would be appreciated.