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  1. MIkayakangler

    Powder Paint with Badger Gun on Spoons

    I just got the badger a week ago and was painting some blades but did a little with spoons. I haven’t had any problem with overspray to the back. I heat them from the bottom for at least 40 seconds and then hold them sideways by a pair of pliers in my State of the art paint booth (a sideways amazon box). I do all my blades with my first color and then switch jars reheat and add the second. I think the key is holding the spoon straight, having the tip of the gun screwed all the way in, and I spray relatively close to the spoon. Only a few inches away to be accurate.
  2. MIkayakangler

    Painting dots

    Haha your probably right thought. I think as fisherman we care more about what a bait looks like than they do. I doubt a trout 10 feet away from a lure in a 3mph current is thinking "are those dots hand painted?" As much as the vibration of the blade does the work. As as far as getting them to the hook. I either use hook dressing that I make from wire casing. I work at a construction company so I take some of the scrap telecom wire and strip it. Put the copper back into scrap and take the shielding and slide it on a treble hook. Or a very bright 8mm trailing bread. Both seam to work for the Browns here in Michigan
  3. MIkayakangler

    Painting dots

    I did see a YouTube video of someone who drilled out holes in a spoon and used that as a stencil for dots. I feel like in a spinner blade that might be a little bit difficult but worth a try. I’ve got a few messed up blades to use.
  4. MIkayakangler

    Painting dots

    The Craft Smart is what I actually got from Micheals last night. I am bummed it smudged my brown trout pattern. It will smudge before being cured but even just putting it back under the heat gun for a few seconds cured it enough to handle without smudging before curing it in oven. My wife recommended the Sharpie paint marker because she had better experience with those in her crafting as far as accuracy in application goes, she used some to decorate plates and cured them in the oven no problem so I'm guessing they would work just as well.
  5. MIkayakangler

    Painting dots

    So got a Tjs Tackle airbrush this weekend and having a lot of fun with it. Trying to add trout dots to my lures. Used an oil based paint pen. First try it smudged on me and my crafty wife recommended that I head it up to cure it and that appears to work but will have to see how durable it is. Anyone else do anything like this and know if it will hold up? Hope to get out and try a few in a couple weeks.
  6. MIkayakangler

    Skirted Inline Spinner

    This was a fun one to make. Got a new powder air brush. Painted a #3 french blade in a fire tiger patern. some gold colored beads, a 8mm chartreuse bead and then a brass skirt color with a "sexy shad" jig skirt. Think it's a good look that should work on river smallmouth pretty nice!
  7. MIkayakangler

    Lure Contest Judging Underway

    wow, glad your son @alsworms is okay, praying for speedy recovery!
  8. MIkayakangler

    Bleeding brown trout

    1/8 oz inline spinner with #3 gold/ brown trout Colorado blade. Gold metal body beads. 6mm red accent bead. #8 treble hook dresses with hand tied hackle and red flashabou
  9. MIkayakangler

    Netcraft Tack-L Tool

    Did end up trying the Tackltool out. I like it, but it took a bit of practice to make it right. I am going to make a measurement mark on my table where I want the bend exactly. A few I’ve made way too long. You can make it with the hook in the loop, just takes practice. Made a few with split rings too just think I like the look without better. Pic is on top a bend with round bend pliers and bottom the tackltool. Much more round and more centered eye.
  10. MIkayakangler

    Netcraft Tack-L Tool

    Really old thread but has anyone used the tackle-l-tool to make a loop with the hook enclosed in a second loop. (So I make two loops or use a preformed loop on the front) thinking about buying this but wonder if I can make a loop with the hook enclosed.
  11. MIkayakangler


    Any pics of them. I'm trying to find local and cheaper places to get tubing as well
  12. MIkayakangler

    Inline Spinner Options/opinions

    I've been messing around for a couple weeks making a few inlines. #1 or #2 mepps are my top producers for both smallies and trout. I've trying out different combinations and I'm right between 1/8 oz and 1/6 oz so pretty happy with that. Just testing out in home #2 Colorado blades seem to spin best for me, yet to try it on river. Have a few #1 and #2 in Colorado and Indiana to see which works best. Most of my beads have been hobby lobby also made a few with bullet weights. Just trying to get better at making my end loop.
  13. MIkayakangler


    A single 8mm bead to look like a egg floating downriver