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  1. Need swimbait help.....again

    Thank you sir! All I'm missing now is some kind of tubing so the line doesn't cut through the bait and it will be good to go
  2. Need swimbait help.....again

    I know it took a while but I just put one up in the gallery if you still would like to see
  3. 20170922_144509.jpg

  4. 6 1/2" line through

  5. Big underspins

    Those are the ones I normally use ballin21, and I grind down the lead to make it lighter. There 10/0 Only comes in 1/2oz
  6. Big underspins

    Big hook smallest weight possible is what I'm going for. And weedless. I love underspins but the speed needed in a retrieve that keeps a 1/2oz shallow makes it hard to get a good hook up on a big bait
  7. Big underspins

    Is there a mold to add an underspin to a 10/0 hook? I'm trying to find some in the 1/4oz range and can't find anything so I'm starting to think I might have mold them myself. Any help would be apreciated
  8. Need swimbait help.....again

    Hopefully I will get time tmrw to modify the other side of the mold. I'll put a swim video up on my Instagram or facebook and post a link when I do. It keeps telling me format not supported when I try and upload the videos from me testing tail shapes earlier
  9. Need swimbait help.....again

    I modified the tail and found that to be my issue. When I made the tail skinnier it calmed the roll down but it took away the kick and made the tail twist When I made the tail shorter it calmed the roll down some and still had some kick When I cut the tail skinnier and shorter decreasing the overall tail profile it fixed the problem all together I tried to throw in some video of my results but couldn't get it to upload so here are my exacto knife fixes before I modify the mold
  10. Need swimbait help.....again

    It is fairly round with only a flat top
  11. Need swimbait help.....again

    So I'm trying to make a line-through swimbait and I can't calm down the side to side roll this thing has. I doubled the weight in it and that stopped it from doing barrel rolls, but it's still has a wild side to side to it. I'm remaking the mold to make sure the weight is centered and also thinking about repositioning the weight insert lower in the bait. Or maybe more moving it to the middle of the bait(at the moment it is just below the mid point of the body) Looking for advice from some of the experts before I end up going through a gallon of silicone before I get sit right
  12. 2 piece open pour mold

    Has anyone ever made a 2 piece open pour mold? I want to make a mold for line through swim baits but I don't have an injector and I like pouring laminates. Anyways I'm just looking to see if anyone has advice or experience to share on doing this
  13. Lead pouring beginner

    It's a swimbait insert. No hook. But I'm going to try a bigger stream sometime tmrw hopefully. Also thinking about grinding out a wider groove in the pour lip of the ladle
  14. Lead pouring beginner

    Ya your right I double checked and it's lead, tin and antimony. Not bismuth. It also seems like I might need to invest in on of the bottom pour pots instead of the electric ladle I have
  15. Lead pouring beginner

    I'm having trouble getting the cavities to fill more then halfway. I'm setting the mold on top of the pot while the lead melts for pre heat and pouring as slow as I can. Also I'm stirring and skimming the stale looking stuff ofc the top as I go along. I'm using a hot pot 2 and lead atigomony bismuth alloy or something like that from lurecraft Any help is apreciated