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  1. Plastic not curing like usual

    I take a paint mixer to my 5gallon bucket every week and transfer the plastik to a 1 gallon container to fill my cups. I have had no problems doing it this way either. As long as your not over mixing as you color and pour your baits air bubbles kept to a minimum in my opinion
  2. Soft plastic coloring help

    No it's lurecraft. It's the mid strength one
  3. Air chamber

    In the 316 frog it is in the body. My idea was to try and find a small plastic air bladder and pour around it. I'm not sure if the plastic will melt them but it's the best I could come up with. Hopefully as time goes on someone will chime in with the best way
  4. Air chamber

    Does anyone know how they get the air chamber in air tail rattlers or whatever they are called? 316 makes a frog with an "air chamber" in it as well and I'm having trouble finding anything on how to do it. Any help is apreciated
  5. Soft plastic coloring help

  6. Soft plastic coloring help

    1 1/2 cups plastisol 1/2 cup softener 10 drops green pumpkin 8 drops green pumpkin brown 1 1/3 tbs of salt This is all lure craft products as well
  7. swimbait tail

    316 rising sons and rago weedless are boot tails that are good examples of how to make a bait kick at all speeds. Out of 'll the boot tail style baits I have thrown a the 316's out perform most in terms of being able to slow roll a bait and get a good kick out of it. They are the baits I used as reference when trouble shooting the little swimbaits I make
  8. Soft plastic coloring help

    Green pumpkin brown may also help you out. I mix it with green pumpkin to get a similar color
  9. swimbait tail

    A wider boot and tapering all around the tail section(sides and underbelly) from the body to the boot solved the kick issue for me. And making the tail section between the boot and the body wider helped with making the tail swing side to side only and not doing figure 8s
  10. new to making my own soft plastic lures

    I would advise buying a gallon or a quart. I bought a 5 gallon bucket at the end of last summer and since I only pour baits for myself and a few for some buddies I have to hit it with a paint mixer once a week to keep it from settling. I don't think I'm even half way through it
  11. Swimbait line through Inserts

    Is something going on with del mart?
  12. Swimbait line through Inserts

    I can't for the life of me find or remember where I saw line through inserts for sale. Anyone got a link they are willing to share
  13. Pop mold questions

    It was for a soft plastic just too much mess and hassle for my liking.
  14. Pop mold questions

    I got tired of waiting to figure out the best way and just took a shot at it. I've decided to stick with silicone. Plaster is a pain.
  15. Pop mold questions

    I've never even thought about that. When you say harder to work do you mean in terms of making the mold or pouring the bait?