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  1. zx250

    BTS 706 craw mold

    What does it look like?
  2. Very interested in the mold you have and sent you a pm.  But for some reason I can't send you a regular message on the form.

  3. Do you wear a respirator when pouring plastic and or lead?  I usually don't  But, I don't pour much. 

    1. Anglinarcher


      No, but I don't pour lead anymore and I never pour more then a half gallon of plastic at a time.

      Lead actually does not stay in your body that long, it does remove itself, and in reality you get more lead from not washing your hands before you eat after using it.  More people have lead in the systems from old water pipes in big cities than from pouring lead or reloading shotgun shells.  A dirty little secret that LA, NYC, Boston don't want you to know.  When I was doing Nuke clean-up they constantly stressed the need to wash your hands.  Yes, I poured a lot of lead, and had lots of screenings due to my clean-up work, and lead was never a problem.

      As long as you don't burn your plastic, I just don't see the need. 

    2. zx250


      Thank you. for the tips

  4. zx250

    Ventilation - Pouring in an apartment?

    IDK I like the smell of a tackle box on a hot day. But then again my wife says I'm weird.
  5. zx250

    Do It molds for sale/trade

    Thank you. The weighted hook mold is not what I was thinking.
  6. zx250

    Do It molds for sale/trade

    Do you have any pictures of the molds?
  7. zx250

    Randy Howell do-it mold Shakey head

    What style head and sizes?
  8. zx250

    Selling Baits

    Unless you get really big, sell them. I would not advertise just go word of mouth. I don't think the IRS will come after you.
  9. zx250

    Cleaning a mold

  10. zx250

    Cleaning a mold

    I got a new mold and when I handle it my hands are turning black. I have tried to wipe them off but no luck. Any should or should not to clean them?
  11. zx250

    Blister packing Machine

    What does a blister packaging machine cost. About what is the cost of the plastic material/shells cost?
  12. zx250

    What To Do With Half A Rod

    Do you not worry about the paper clip fraying your line?
  13. zx250

    727 chunk craw

    Thank you. That is what I am looking for.
  14. zx250

    727 chunk craw

    Anybody ever use the 727 chunk craw from basstackle? I am wondering about the action of the claws. I like the action of the paca chunk but having a hard time finding the same. Thanks Ryan
  15. zx250

    Powder coat pre heating

    I use a plumber's torch. It only takes 3-10 seconds per jig or spinnerbait. Depending on the weight of the bait. Just play around with it and you will know soon how the paint goes on.