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  1. What does a blister packaging machine cost. About what is the cost of the plastic material/shells cost?
  2. Do you not worry about the paper clip fraying your line?
  3. Thank you. That is what I am looking for.
  4. Anybody ever use the 727 chunk craw from basstackle? I am wondering about the action of the claws. I like the action of the paca chunk but having a hard time finding the same. Thanks Ryan
  5. I use a plumber's torch. It only takes 3-10 seconds per jig or spinnerbait. Depending on the weight of the bait. Just play around with it and you will know soon how the paint goes on.
  6. Not to hijack this thread, but with the mini shooting star do you just dip in your hand injector and shoot your molds? How many baits can you make on average with a 6 oz injector?
  7. Thank you and yes I am using an aluminum mold.
  8. After I am done pouring and my plastic is cooled my baits stick together. I am assuming that I need to use a worm oil? When and how much? Thank you.
  9. Any body have any luck????
  10. I tried to email him and call him several times and never got a response.
  11. How many people wear a respirator when pouring soft plastics?
  12. Gonna order some from basstackle.com. I am new at pouring so did not know if I need softener for this product.
  13. Do most add a softener to your plastic?
  14. Sounds like I need to become a machinist. Seems like there is good money in it, better than bait making.
  15. Thanks guys. I will look else where to buy some molds. I am looking for a baby brush hog and a paca chunk type trailer.