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  1. Sudd

    Crankbait lips

    LOL Nice Try!!! You not fooling anyone! That's all I've got to say
  2. Sudd

    Crankbait lips

    True, it would be hard for me to make my own unless I had the mold that my uncle's had when they had the company. It's very expensive to have a mold made. But Lure parts contacted me back. They have my back. They can put a rush on my lips if I need an order quicker.
  3. Sudd

    Crankbait lips

    I emailed LPO yesterday to see when they would have them in, but I haven't gotten a response back yet.
  4. Sudd

    Crankbait lips

    this is what they look like.
  5. Sudd

    Crankbait lips

    Yeah I'm having trouble finding them for sure.
  6. Sudd

    Crankbait lips

    Places to get deep diving Crankbait lips? Not the typical lureparts, Barlow, Netcraft. I'm needing lips with the round shaft on the end and has the line tie in the Lip. I usually get from lureparts but they stay out of stock a lot, so I'm trying to find a backup suppliers.
  7. Yeah I was wondering what I could do to keep my hook hangers clean from clogging.
  8. Yeah that's what I'm thinking.
  9. It looks just that good if not better
  10. You think one coat would be enough or do I need two. I mean I dipped this one again and I will see tomorrow what it looks like with two coats
  11. Here is one I made for myself and i used it to test the KBS. I must say it is some good stuff! This is just one coat. I dipped it one more time to see if there are much difference. I may only need to use one coat but we will see.
  12. Ok Yeah I thought about trying to find a skinny glass container that's just big enough to put the bait down in. I want to use this 4oz up before I purchase a bigger can of it.
  13. I got my KBS, I only got 4oz to try before I get a bigger one. I did manage to get one dipped in the small can and I sealed can right back up after I dipped and hung. Gonna let dry overnight and see what one coat looks like to see if I need to dip twice. It's just hard to dip in 4oz!
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