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  1. LucasW37


    Very nice Sir! Much respect. Lucas
  2. LucasW37

    turtle topwater

    Mike Sir Thank you very much. Appreciate it. Lucas
  3. LucasW37

    turtle topwater

    Thank you sir! It is hollow. The plastic is the hard plate plastic. I'll see if I can get the exact type. I did not think to remember that. The head is solid. The feet are hdpe 2. Thanks again. I'll try to get that exact plastic for you.
  4. LucasW37

    turtle topwater

    yes sir it is a floating lure. Lot of fun watching. thanks again!
  5. LucasW37

    turtle topwater

    Thank you! Much appreciated. Yeah they love some turtle. Fun watching it happen.
  6. LucasW37

    turtle topwater

    thank you! I appreciate it. I make these every year. I have one put up and about 15 in my box. much respect.
  7. LucasW37

    turtle topwater

    hard plastic topwater turtle
  8. Hard plastic topwater turtle I make every year.
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