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  1. Duck season

    I have plenty of Mallard Drake feathers. Wanting to tie hooks for topwater baits, both poppers and walking style presentations. Which feathers have y’all used from ducks for this method? Thanks John
  2. Foiling On E-Tex

    Gliders, what do you mean by “apply foil with cloth” in your OP? Thanks John
  3. Bandit KO’s

    Thanks. forgot about Phil selling baits, unfortunately he’s out of stock currently. Dinger do you have a reliable 10’ trolling crank with a smaller profile?
  4. Bandit KO’s

    Looked at the 5 or so places i know of and can’t find a KO that resembles a Bandit 200 or 300. Any idea of where i might find some?
  5. specialty tackle junior d

    If your interested in selling, I’d be interested in buying.
  6. Duck season

    I like your style for garden protection.
  7. protie skirt collar bands?

    No one??? I would also like to know about these protie skirts.
  8. 3 spined stickleback

    Like this one a lot. Are these Deep little N blanks?
  9. Blank Flicker Shads/Minnows

    Looks more like a Shad Rap KO to me?
  10. Adding weight and Noise

    Adding weight and noise to plastic cranks and Topwater baits. Question is, is there another way of sealing hole other than toothpick epoxy that you guys would recommend? Also where's the best place to drill hole? Thanks John
  11. Duck season

    I duck hunt a lot. Which feathers do you keep? I'd mostly be put them on jerkbaits and topwater Baits.
  12. Help with skirt

    Just viewed your rabbit fur video,liked it. You use round ball i use minnow head with 3D eyes same pattern though and I'm sure similar results too. I use a Gami, how are you liking those Lil Nasty hooks? I have a deadly bright pattern (pink, chart, lime,and black, we call it Fugly) thats very effective on Walleye and at times Smallies. My father was born and raised in Philly until he joined the military, ended up here in NM and never went back. He's 80, has his own boat and fishes for Walleye once a week year around, i can't keep him in jigs at times. In 5 years he become very, very good at graphing and catching. What part of PA you from?
  13. Help with skirt

    I will take your advice on natures edge pumpkin as well as trying hair jigs for cold water, makes sense. I pair that Camo Bitsy Bug with a GP Chigger Craw has been my go to for years now. I'm a smallie fanatic, caught a 5.4 two weeks ago on a Ultra Minnow head with craft fur painted in a Bluegill pattern i made, moss green paint and dark olive craft fur 1/8oz. Maybe you'd be willing to share a belly hair smallmouth pattern? Always enjoy learning new techniques.
  14. Help with skirt

    You are correct sir it can make a big difference on a tough bite at times for sure. Rule of thumb for me has been cold water Living Rubber, as water warms and craws spawn I'll normally downsize to match the hatch with the Bug, Have tied many LR jigs, but can honestly say I've never tied a fine cut skirt. I'm relatively new to building/painting my own baits and can't believe I didn't start doing so years ago. A completely new addiction has been born! Thanks for you help.
  15. Help with skirt

    Yes i do realize that. Not looking for more strands but rather a smaller/thinner profile on a finesse jig, smallies are keyed in on small craws right now. if fine cut cant be made with glitter or translucent/clear is my thinking wrong with regards to SK Bitsy Bugs skirts being fine cut? Sure looks and feels thinner and definitely has glitter. Smalljaw, I'm looking for silicon tabs, not rubber.