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  1. NM Hevi


    Thanks please do.
  2. NM Hevi


    What eyes did you use on this bait?
  3. NM Hevi

    Blade Baits

    I pour my own, then paint them. If your talking about Silver Buddy style baits.
  4. NM Hevi

    dremel tool for modifying swim jig mold

    I’ve read that you put your intended hook into the mold, close it, and tap sharply with a hammer to make an outline of your hook, then Drexel it to size. Any truth to this? Or will this damage your mold?
  5. NM Hevi

    Eye color for crankbaits?

    Red hook guy here, so red eyes.
  6. NM Hevi

    Blade bait inserts and painting

    I paint them with a regular Iwata Brush and clear with D2T, caught many a Walleye on them. Now, foiling has been more challenging. I use Brass inserts.
  7. NM Hevi

    Making a BIG swimbait for bass

    Very, very Nice! Can’t hide talent!!!
  8. NM Hevi

    My Trip to the ER

    Why didn’t the fishing line trick not work? Looks like a perfect scenario.
  9. NM Hevi

    Reversed Citrus Shad with Splatter Back

    They’ll eat it just fine, Nice paint.
  10. NM Hevi

    Boss illusion paint

    Might try posting in the Wire Bait forum.
  11. NM Hevi

    Whopper Plopper knockoffs

    In her video she claimed that KO Ploppers don’t have the same action, for those that have used KO’s are you find this to be true? If so, what differences have you noticed, good and bad?
  12. NM Hevi

    Canary Tilapia.jpeg

    Cool Eye’s!!!! Did you make them?
  13. NM Hevi

    Tube Dipping - Video

    Very informative, thanks for sharing.
  14. NM Hevi

    Stupid and Easy

    I do the same thing to make weedless underspins using shrink tubing and a wire form.