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  1. Topwater Fun

    Dream trip for me! That’s a big’un also, beautiful fish
  2. Powder painting pearl

    Haven’t tried that ^^^ Thanks will give it a try tomorrow.
  3. 5XD-type blank?

    It’s more of a Deep Lil N blank, it definitely a fish catcher.
  4. FB_IMG_1516768254387.jpg

    Very nice, those stencils are widely available also.
  5. VacPackLure.JPG

    GENIUS!!!!! What adhesive did you use?
  6. Holographic foil on some lipless blanks.

    With the amount of baits seen foiled someone is selling them. Guys, I’ve done some research and what i found was they use a Heat Press for Tee Shirts to apply foil on shirts, my guess is he did the same with baits. Heat presses aren’t cheap so an investment in one would obviously expect a return on investment for a business. Use Google for more info...its there.
  7. Will the gama 604 fit?
  8. Holographic foil on some lipless blanks.

    Beautiful work!!! What am i missing, “hot stamped foil?” Is that how your applying the foil? Would love to know how this is done.
  9. Looking For Air Brush?

    You the same Slayer26 on DHC Cali Delta? Knew I’d seen that screen name somewhere.
  10. Looking For Air Brush?

    Iwata Eclipse for me, been shooting paint now for 1 year and this brush has preformed great so far. Hey Dukslayer what state you slaying ducks in?
  11. Bad "Silver Buddy" Pours by Hinge?

    Thanks for your update Snapshot. I have a guy that sells me 1/2oz & 3/4oz unpainted for .70cents for nickle, and .65cents for brass for a 100 pieces. I have a shad pattern thats semi foiled that i use the nickle for and a semi foil perch pattern for the brass. Walleye like some crazy patterns, however i think Walleye fisherman are even crazier! LOL Was only thinking i could pour some if in a pinch some time with the 5 cavity mold that has 1/2, 5/8, and 3/4 fits my needs well. Thanks
  12. Bad "Silver Buddy" Pours by Hinge?

    Could you please keep us informed with your pours as I’m considering buying this same mold. Thanks John
  13. Duck season

    I have plenty of Mallard Drake feathers. Wanting to tie hooks for topwater baits, both poppers and walking style presentations. Which feathers have y’all used from ducks for this method? Thanks John
  14. Foiling On E-Tex

    Gliders, what do you mean by “apply foil with cloth” in your OP? Thanks John
  15. Bandit KO’s

    Thanks. forgot about Phil selling baits, unfortunately he’s out of stock currently. Dinger do you have a reliable 10’ trolling crank with a smaller profile?