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  1. Hi Frank I was told by Bruce that it the same paint just uncut more of a solid Concentrate version . VPI needs to be cut with thinners
  2. Send your email address. I maybe able to help you out
  3. Still have the molds left
  4. Can you email me. Like a few molds. dembill15@gmail.com
  5. I use the VIP solvent based paint from spike it works fabulous
  6. I have that mold shoots great. Swims great too
  7. If you call him and talk with him. I bet he would make you the number of cavities you're looking for
  8. You will love his heartthrob grub . I have few of his molds. They all shoot great
  9. Josh at Ai has a great injection mold in that style
  10. Do you have any pictures you could send me. Here is my email dembill15@gmail.com
  11. Ross Harjes @ custombaitmolds com. I have had about 20 molds made by him. Great man to work with. Has them done in a timely matter
  12. William DeMent

    Injection Molds

    If you still have it all. Like to talk to you About all of it Bill 775 315 6804
  13. William DeMent

    Del-Mart Molds

    Please do . When you have time. Thanks
  14. William DeMent

    Del-Mart Molds

    I will take them. dembill15@gmail.com
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