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  1. Ok everyone got a question about mustad hooks. I’m familiar with the 32786 mustad ultra point hooks and think their great. Just recently I purchased some 32786bln from a guy for a great price. One I got them I compared them to the ones I have and they did have some inconsistency’s. First the nickle finish is not as black as the current hooks and also the barb was a bit longer than the current mustad 32786. I also noticed that the very tip was more of a round shape on the ones I just bought and the newer ones have like a cone or pyramid type tip and it the bend wasn’t exactly the same. Although all the hooks (500) of them are very consistent to each other. So i did bring this concerns up to the seller and he said that they were old stock at least 15 years old if not older and that he had purchased them from a company called R3 baits when they closed down. He did send me pictures of the boxes and they did look different from the new boxes. So i guess I would like to find out is was the 32786 hook change or upgrades throughout the years? Did they change the finish from bien a almost gun metal blackish nickle to more of black nickle? Did they change from being 32786bln to ultra point and would cause the differences I noticed. Im uploading some pictures of the hooks and boxes. The new or real is what I recently got and the ones with old or a question mark are the “old” or questionable hooks. I also circled what my concerns are on the hooks and hope someone can confirm if they are authentic but old stock and style hooks or if they are fakes Thanks guys
  2. How much are you asking for them
  3. Thank you for replying back. Actually the guy I got them from said he bought them from you guys. They where packaged in plastic bags with a strip of paper with the info printed on them. But thanks for confirming that they actually do or did exist.
  4. I use mustad 32786 black nickel hooks or mustad 91715 duratin hooks. Another cheaper alternative is eagle claw 735 or 413
  5. I have a question. What do you use to vulcanize the silicone mold rubber. I've been wanting to give this a shot. Thanks
  6. Does anyone have any info on the eagle claw 635 6/0 black platinum 90 degree jig hooks? Are they still being made are they any good compared to mustad 32786 hooks. I got 200 of them on a decent deal and payed $20 bucks for them but I haven't had any luck finding any type of info or anyone that carries them and decide to buy more if I like them. Thanks
  7. Joelh831

    Weed guards

    Thanks Cadman. Yea I just seen them on thier site. I’m defiantly going to order the 1000 pack from them. Thank you.
  8. Joelh831

    Weed guards

    Thank you I just checked them out and it looks like they do carry the 2 inch weed guards. I’ll place my order once I receive my new molds just to make sure. Thank you.
  9. Joelh831

    Weed guards

    Hey guys need some help here. I'm looking for some long weed guard. The only ones I've been able to find are 1 3/4 in length and I need to get some that are atleast 2 inches or preferably 2 1/4 or bigger. Does this size even exist if so where can I find them or if possible to make how can I make them. Thanks.
  10. That actually makes sense since it's no where to be found. I'll see if I can download some pictures of the gold they used I actually tried to chip some paint off of it and it's very very thin I'm kinda dought they used powder well atleast for that color. Thank you
  11. Hey guys and galls, I have a question about powder coat brands. Has anyone heard of or know where I can find a brand that’s called pro stone powder paint. I know warbaits uses that powder, but after looking online can’t seem to find it or anyone who distributes it. Here is a screen shot of thier website that states what powder they use. I hi lighted the powder they use and also thier weed guards I’ve tried looking for that brand but again no info was online. If someone can help me out please on identifing a company who sells this products. Thank you.
  12. Joelh831

    Fluid bed

    If you don’t mind me asking what thickness did you order I plan on makeing a few of them and seems like it’s a good investment to get a sheet of this stuff. Thansk
  13. Joelh831

    Powder coat

    Interesting I didn’t know they can do they to powder coat lead heads.
  14. Joelh831

    Powder coat

    Does pro tec sell epoxy powders or are they epoxy powders any recommendations on brands. Thanks
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