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  1. Munro76

    Open pour swimbait molds

    Do you have any pics of your molds at all?
  2. Munro76

    First Glide bait about to mold

    Thanks Mark. What do you suggest to seal the timber?
  3. Munro76

    First Glide bait about to mold

    Im in the same boat. In the past i have cut the bait into segments and molded with hardware in the bait. This time im thinking maybe mold and cut after.
  4. Munro76

    Internal harness

    Thanks Landry great info mate that is a great help. So VPI is the same as sb coat but in bulk? Thanks again.
  5. Munro76

    Solvent Based Paint

    I have just used this paint for the first time recently and also used a syringe to put it in the airbrush. I also found that the paint rubs off the plastic which i didnt think was meant to happen. Is there a secret to using this stuff or do i have to let it cure for longer?
  6. Munro76

    Internal harness

    They look great Mark.
  7. Munro76

    Internal harness

    Landry thanks for the info much appreciated. Do you have a pic of the actual harness mate? Also do you use sb coat to paint your baits? I used it for the first time today and it rubs off, am i doing it wrong? Thanks again.
  8. Munro76

    Internal harness

    What is the process of making a softplastic swimbait with the internal harness? I would like to make a bait along the lines of the huddelstone and mattlures baits etc but not sure of the process of getting the hook setup inside. Thanks.
  9. Munro76

    Lure eyes for swimbaits

    Belly is pearl white powder with holo glitter.
  10. Munro76

    avid bass tackle

    I recieved an order from them recently in Australia. They sent the lures loose in a cardboard box. By the time it got to me the box was broken and quite a few lures and lure parts were missing. Sent several emails since and no reply.
  11. Munro76

    Lure eyes for swimbaits

    3d stick on eyes yes.
  12. Munro76

    Heating Plastic With Shooting Star

    I cook in micro first then transfer to mini shooting star which is preheated.
  13. Munro76

    Lure eyes for swimbaits

    Dual injector mate (shooting star).
  14. Munro76

    Lure eyes for swimbaits

    Thanks mate they are 4 inch and 7 inch.
  15. Munro76

    Lure eyes for swimbaits

    I use stick on eyes then dip the head.