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  1. Open pour swimbait molds

    Wanted to buy bts open pour swimbait molds 4,5,6 and 7 inch. Does anybody have any available in any size please.
  2. Alumidust

    Who has used alimidust on their soft plastics? Does it come off if you rub it? I tried using pearl powder plastisol colourant the same way and it was quite hard to rub off. I was wondering if it was similar stuff. Thanks guys.
  3. Ultra Molds Hand Injector?

    I also started with a single injector then progressed to a basstackle twinjector and blending block which was great. Now i have a ultramolds mini shooting star and really love it but still occasionally use the twinjector for very small batches of baits.
  4. BT 698 swimbait, 5” do it fluke molds, and tube cutter

    Do you still have the basstackle swimbait molds?
  5. Smooth-on for swimbaits

    Thanks Anglinarcher. I will check all those links and see what i can find out. Definately a learning curve thats for sure. I appreciate your help mate.
  6. Smooth-on for swimbaits

    I want to mold a timber swimbait and make them in resin. Does anyone use or had experience with smooth-cast 305 made by smooth-on? Does it need micro bubbles etc. Is it suitable for casting swimbaits? Thanks
  7. Dead on plastix?

    I like polysol and ive got 55 gallons on the way. I find its very easy to use.
  8. Colure coat on hardbaits

    Is colure coat ok to use on timber and resin baits? I am trying to avoid buying more paint to paint hardbaits as i already have a range of colours in colure. I will be coating with epoxy after paint. Thanks.
  9. Dent in 7 inch swimbaits

    Thanks for the help guys. I tried the sprue extension with copper pipe as wallc14 suggested but as Frank said it is freezing at the gate. I tried injecting and then inserting a piece of thin wire in and out of the gate while keeping the plastic in the sprue soft with a butane torch. This worked well but is a bit of mucking around involved. I will try injecting at lower temp and demolding and placing in water. Thanks everyone.
  10. Dent in 7 inch swimbaits

    Thankyou all for the suggestions. My next step was a sprue extender any idea where i would find a couple? I will also give the water bath a go that sounds like a good option also. Thanks
  11. Dent in 7 inch swimbaits

    Hi guys. Im having trouble with dents in the side of the head of my swimbaits. It is a basstackle 6004 swimbait mold. I have tried shooting at lower temp, holding injector pressure for up to 1 minute, topping up the sprue etc but it keeps happening to about 50% of the baits. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Master mold

    Great advice thanks Mark i will do exactly that. I was going to do a two part injection mold and was going to put the injection hole at the tail end with the bait nose down. What do you think about that idea?
  13. Master mold

    Hi guys. Im making my first master mold for a large soft bait. It measures 10 inches long. My question is does the tail look to big for it. I want it to have a nice big wobble. Also where would be the best spot for the pour hole? Thanks.
  14. Looking for molds like these.

    Is there anything else similar out there?
  15. Does anybody know who makes these or where i can purchase them from? Thanks.