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  1. Rangerman


    I have been using the devcon 2 part epoxy which gives a fantastic deep gloss but was looking for a easier way w/o a turner. Alumilite suggested to give a quick coat of spray dealer but that's adding a step and by then what's the sense just keep spraying w sealer. Aluma UV advertised strength total depends on the substrate it's used on . I dropped a square bill crank bait by accident and the UV chipped off. If the substrate can flex it will chip. Where as the test product shown in there video is a solid cast lure.
  2. Rangerman


    Ive been using copic spray markers since i saw Larry Dahlbergs video. I can paint crank and swim bait fairly quickly since there is no clean up between colors. The spray is not as controlable as with an air brush but make vacuum box stencils to get more detailed work done. Any one have any pics of copic sprayed lures?
  3. Rangerman

    A Whole New Frog (Well Not That New)

    The Clone frog is made w resin plastic. I made a simple silicone mold of one using Alumilite products or see Larry Dahlberg videos. I molded a few but switched gears ( it didnt seem realistic enough and the legs were too short and unrealistic also) and use hollow body and soft plastic Horny Toads now . Anyone can make a frog seem great in a video in the right pond in Florida. This lure caught me , the fisherman, well before any fish