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  1. The easiest way to paint is to pour with the provided steel pin, then remove and replace with a teflon pin. Then paint with teflon pin intact and remove the pin after baking and curing paint. Then epoxy your weedguard in after paint is complete. You could also pour with teflon pin instead of steel one. The teflon pins are reusable and readily available. I purchased teflon rods of the proper diameter from amazon and cut them into pins.
  2. STO76

    plastic packaging tubes (lot)

    I live in Bainbridge,NY 13733.
  3. STO76

    molds for sale

    BT bomb - SOLD
  4. STO76

    molds for sale

    4 cavity Basstackle 4.2" BT bomb - $135 TYD 6 cavity Angling AI 4' T-tail - $120 TYD
  5. Check out Quality Injector & More. They are on Facebook and may have a website. Newer company makes all the way up to a 20oz. injector.
  6. I use a paper clip bent straight with a small kink to keep the weight from sliding off,then bend the top in a hook shape to hang in my toaster oven. I prep a bunch with the clips, hold them by the top hook,then heat and dip in my powder paint and hang in oven. Have 100% success with no issues. I do the same process with all wire through lead baits. Paper clips are about $2 a box and I use them for multiple shop tasks including cleaning out hook eyes prior to baking.
  7. Print a Lure is another option.Their custom molds are the most affordable I have found and they work with you every step of the way. They are overseas and it takes about 5 weeks total, but are worth the time and money for sure.
  8. Been using this for all my jig eyes and soft plastic eyes.Never had any issues,set in a minute or two.
  9. STO76

    Various Molds

    Would like to purchase grub mold if still available.Pmed you.
  10. I use owner 5318 for a lot of my smaller 90 degree hook jigs. Light wire hook, but have never had one straighten out without forcefully doing it myself.
  11. I was wondering if anybody knew of chartreuse flake similar to what keitech uses in their sexy shad color. It is not shiny glitter ,looks more like solid color flakes. TIA
  12. STO76

    bucktail jig?

    I use the do-it Ultra minnow jig.It goes all the way up to 1 1/2.
  13. Do it makes a wutzit in 4 and 5 inch with the split tail. It is almost 100% identical to the fluke. I have both molds and they shoot great looking baits every time.
  14. Thanks for the help Cadman. I think it should go good, I am really just trying to use a TK800 hook to orient the hook eye in line with the jig head. But is good to know that there is a fix if needed.
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