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  1. STO76

    Hook help / wire strength

    I use owner 5318 for a lot of my smaller 90 degree hook jigs. Light wire hook, but have never had one straighten out without forcefully doing it myself.
  2. STO76

    keitech chartreuse flake

    I was wondering if anybody knew of chartreuse flake similar to what keitech uses in their sexy shad color. It is not shiny glitter ,looks more like solid color flakes. TIA
  3. STO76

    bucktail jig?

    I use the do-it Ultra minnow jig.It goes all the way up to 1 1/2.
  4. STO76

    Zoom fluke Jr like mold

    Do it makes a wutzit in 4 and 5 inch with the split tail. It is almost 100% identical to the fluke. I have both molds and they shoot great looking baits every time.
  5. STO76

    dremel tool for modifying swim jig mold

    Thanks for the help Cadman. I think it should go good, I am really just trying to use a TK800 hook to orient the hook eye in line with the jig head. But is good to know that there is a fix if needed.
  6. STO76

    dremel tool for modifying swim jig mold

    Thanks for the help.This will be the first time I modified a mold.
  7. I am looking to modify my do-it pro swim jig mold w/Trokar hooks. I want to make it to accept the Trokar hooks with the eyes in line with the hook. Can anybody tell me what bit for the dremel is best for modifying my mold? Thanks
  8. STO76

    Cheapest soft plastisol brand /supplier!?

    I spent all last year experimenting with different types of plastics,and for my type of use,which is hand injected baits of all shapes and sizes,I am now using dead on plastic in the med. formula.I was partial to do- it regular plastisol,but with the amount of re heats I do with hand injection,dead on has not been effected at all.My only suggestion with using dead on plastic is that the soft is very soft,even for finesse baits,so I use med. almost exclusively.It is also very economical for the price.I spent a ton of hours on a learning curve with soft plastics and wire baits,both technique and materials,so if I can help in anyway I am always willing.Welcome to the group!
  9. STO76

    Molds for sale

    is the small chunk still available?
  10. I have recently been adding a little worm oil,or scented worm oil into all my bags of soft baits.I have noticed that some of the oils have become tinted the same colors as the baits.Does this mean that there is damage being done to the baits like dissolving them or something?The baits still feel rigid and solid to the touch,but have only been in bag for about a week.Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  11. STO76

    Various molds

    Would you take 100 for the 2 craws and bug?
  12. STO76

    Do-It 5" Senko Molds, Lami-Plates For Sale.

    Still available?
  13. STO76

    Various molds

    Do you have pictures?