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  1. going to give it a whirl when the mold gets here. my fluid bed system finally got here, so thats nice.
  2. I'm going to buy the stock mold for 39 bucks. Will see if I can easily mod it. I'm sure someone has come up with it other than the custom mold route. Though I have also contemplated taking an ultra jig, cutting out the hook with a Dremel carefully, replacing with a sickle hook, patching it with clay and then attempting to make a plaster mold.
  3. Would like to use a sickle hook on an ultra minnow head jig. Only a custom mold 200+ dollars I know exist with this combo. If I lay the hook in a do-it mold and mark the interferences, could I gouge out the aluminum with a Dremel to give the "new" hook clearance? Could I also possibly shorten the lead collar by putting clay in that area? You guys have much more experience in this than me. Just don't want to spend the insane money (though they sure are pretty) on a semi custom mold. Thanks Steve
  4. Not to bring up a dead thread... but is the MTG76OEMBN the kahle style treble?
  5. Still using the 4000 series sealers that it replaced. Just ordered some of the new stuff.
  6. I just use a simple craft foam w/rubber legs pattern for gills. cheap cheap cheap and oh so easy. floats like a cork also. interesting idea using stacked hair.
  7. ok, since I have a rotisserie motor, i'm going to do the same as apdriver. I like that. simple, yet very effective. going to make it once it warms up. I don't have the rod or mount, but will cobble those up (lost em in the flood).
  8. i'm going to built a variation of a jig/fly turner that will accept alligator clips for cranks, or bills for larger cranks. I will use my rod turner (probably, I do have a new bbq rotisserie motor that would be good for it also). easy to make a collar to fit into the rod turner chuck though.

    Iron Mike

    yeah, looks like mallard flank or maybe even woodduck flank (though not full plumage) on the cheeks or side of the wing. looks like a mylar collar (not seeing the body, I almost bet that that is spiraled forward as a rib through the chenille, yarn, or dubbing brushed body, then wrapped as a collar and tied off), and a very small amount of polar dubbing where its tied off and locks the bead in place.

    Iron Mike

    Looks like a maraboo tail, no hackle bugger body of maybe chenille, tungsten bead, and flashaboo or mylar/turkey and maybe some bucktail overwing, tied forward then pulled back and overwrapped making a collar?

    Iron Mike

    one like this? https://livelylegz.com/products/iron-mike-black
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