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  1. ScreamlineGuy

    Custom Bull Gills

    Beautiful lures! Even the eyeless one, he must have been bitten.
  2. Hey Travis, thank you for the honest input. I certainly wouldn't be pursuing this full time if I was pushing a gimmick. I started pursuing the concept because I couldn't find a solution to a problem. River fishing for walleye with shad raps but unable to adapt to structure / depth changes quick enough by changing lures. Nothing on the market could do it, and after years of R&D and patents I know why. It was a nightmare to find the correct weight shift, ballast, bouncy, line tie points, etc... Lots of hotel swimming pool testing. Anyway, we have a rock solid product and I want to enhance the hell out of it. What's even more appealing is that the action changes in between depth settings as well, and it gives the angler a whole slew of actions to present. Granted, the depth variance is the largest in the industry, but it's not going to hit the bottom of a twenty foot hole. I'll post a few videos soon and you can judge for yourself. I appreciate the critique, and I'm definitely looking to get a few pros to test them out. They perform, and have a ton of thoughtful features aside from the variable depth aspect. Anyway, the website is a work in progress, and any additional input you have is appreciated. I'll be happy to put my money where my mouth is with this lure any day btw.
  3. We have two sizes for target species - Bass and Musky/Pike. Thanks for the insight everyone, after testing this afternoon the aluminium lips certainly performed well, and my biggest concern is that if we run with that lip design in PC the action may not translate. We'll be adding the appropriate weighting to offset the material weight differences, but if we're dropping $80k on another tool it had better live up to the expectations... I dig the aluminium personally, that added flash scored me a nice bass today I think!
  4. Thanks much for the quick reply. I care about the effectiveness of the lure, and the added durability and flash appeals to me. My partners on the other hand, are serious about catching customers. To me, the proof is in the strikes.
  5. Our company has moved forward into manufacturing our cranks, and for our next generation, we were looking at potentially changing our lip material from polycarbonate to either aluminium, or a hybrid of PC and aluminum. Granted, the weighting will shift a bit, but my question is whether the action will change if the actual lip shape remains the same? Also, any opinions, thoughts, or experience pertaining to fishing metal lips vs. plastic (PC /Lexan) would be very much appreciated.
  6. Alumilite has a ton of durable casting resins.
  7. Depending on the thickness of the body, you can get a steel cylindrical tool the same diameter of the eyes, like a wire forming rod for instance, hit it with a heat gun and stamp your lure lightly to flatten out a cavity in the plastic for the 3d eyes to lay flat.
  8. The flagship lure from our company. Decades in the making - Predator series VDL (Variable Depth Lure) 100% Engineered and Manufactured in the U.S.

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  9. It's not the greatest on polycarbonate, and if you can drop a bit more on Tamiya primer you won't regret it.
  10. Five second fix would do wonders pre-epoxy. Lay down a layer and zap it with the light. Repeat as necessary as you can build layers with the stuff. Home Depot was blowing them out at $5/pen last I was there.
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