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  1. JackBrown


    interested also, I've tried some 5 minute epoxy for my last 2 wood swimbaits and it is goopy and stinks.... I want to be able to get a smooth coat to weight the baits.
  2. JackBrown

    WTB Carving tools, hardware, etc

    Looking to buy a few carving tools possibly. Also looking for: Screw eyes open and closed, pins for joints, lexan or some hard material for a lip/bill, and some sort of screw deal for a trick worm tail for rats. Thanks, Jack . (510) 780-6785
  3. JackBrown

    Lake of the pines

    Don't know about LOTP but I fish LWW every summer. if they are similar, jigs, swimbaits, senkos, swimjigs
  4. JackBrown

    Essentials for Resin Swimbaits?

    Hi Tackle Underground, I have been carving my own wooden baits recently and it takes a lot of time that I don't always have. I have tried to do some research on the topic of molding, making molds, what I need etc... It's all really confusing to me. So is there someone here who could help me with a sort of "Resin Baits 101: For Dummies". -What I want to be able to do: - Make a mold for a wooden bait -Know how to make the resin to pour and what I need to make it.... -All of the supplies needed. -How much would all of this cost roughly? I don't want to be making a ton, mostly just to test out how well I can make the baits etc, only want to make a few right now. Thank you, Jack
  5. JackBrown

    WTB Carving tools

    Hi Tackle Underground, I am getting into baitmaking and have been carving pieces and my knives I get from the local hardware store just don't fit the bill and keep snapping (xacto knives). Looking to get something more sturdy and preferably on the cheaper side. Thanks, feel free to text me 5107806785 too
  6. JackBrown

    Airbrushing Lot

    Hi, I am interested in this. Is this everything I need to start airbrushing baits?