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  1. Thank you both for your help. I will give your rattle a try.
  2. Thanks Bob. Do you have a shop in Summerfield? I live in Raleigh and would love to come by sometime if you do and allow it.
  3. Surely someone is willing to give me a little help..... I did use the search and found some info, but your answers would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi everyone. Long time fisherman and first time balsa lure builder. I am wanting to try a few balsa lures and have read quite a bit. Few questions. 1. What diameter wire do you use on thru-wire applications for a normal size crankbait or jerkbait? Is there anywhere to buy it in a small quantity locally ? Stainless only? 2. What so you first put on the balsa wood to coat/seal it before you paint it? Is it ok to use the envirotex lite and lightly sand.....or use super glue thin coat? 3. I want to add rattles to these balsa baits. Best way to make them? Or source to buy them? I am thinking something like brass tube with a couple of bb's. 4. Anyone here make suspending twitch baits? Thanks for all your help!
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