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  1. I use psprint.com and they always have a 60% off promo. My last order was for 5,000 labels for only $250.00. as for bags I use clearbags
  2. thank you for that I'm not sure why I didn't see that.
  3. I'm thinking about buying the basstackle 48 cavity stinger swimbait mold was wandering if anyone has it and how well it shoots laminates and if they have any issues with it. thanks
  4. this was my old tube cutter and I cut a lot of tubes with it. I bought the block from lurecraft and the can crusher from harbor freight. I cut so mant tubes with this that I went through 3 of the can crushers before I upgraded to my new tube cutter.
  5. if you like it so much I have 45 gallons of their plastic I sell you
  6. thanks for the info I'm already taking in account for the extra breakers and outlets
  7. I'm currently building a new garage/workshop/showroom and wanted to see what kind of setup everyone is using in terms of the bait making area. thanks in advance
  8. yes it does I got the can smasher from harbor freight and this is my third one lol
  9. I use a piece of wood this is my tube cutter until my new one arrives
  10. I picked up this used 3" trout worm mold and was wandering if anyone could tell me who made it thanks
  11. when I clean mine I just use my air nozzle it has a rubber end so it gets a better fit and I blow my holes from the outside in when that is done I heat it up and I just wipe out the canisters with my shop towel and then its done
  12. ill give it a try and let you know how it went thanks for the help
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