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  1. By the time the customers have discovered your lure , and the demand has reached a level you are proposing .. you will have long since resolved your production process flows. The hardest part is not production, it’s creating (and maintaining) the marketing to create such a high demand.
  2. You dont need marketing calcualte your per unit cost with labor costs and see if you are really making money. If so farm out your lure to an injector .. now with your extra time since your not making lures look at your website traffic -how many people land vs how many buy .. catching more of the surfers today gets up more money. You may need to improve your website but marketing is worthless if your website can't sell anything join every social media group on earth that relates to your lure . Be active but only mention your lure every 2 weeks - if you are posting daily ... mention your lure less if you post less set up a booth at a local fishing / boating expo .. sell lures at a discount .. go to every CCA / tournament / meet up / etc that is in your area . Talk to real humans if by now you are making some money you can explore bringing production in house and hiring a production employee .. so you can keep focusing on "marketing" repeat the above steps but if you really just want a "marketing strategy" here is one. Give 10,000 lures away for free .. works every time - and If it's true that your customers do come back and also true that you break even .. then it won't cost you anything and is a great way to grow quickly never ask for free marketing advice on a forum and certainly never pay for marketing advice - that's my advice jw Morris
  3. No that picture is of painted lures .. my quote you took out of context is for a picture that looks like burned bits in a off color lure i need to remember to stay out of the land of internet experts
  4. Volusion collects its for you if you enable that .. but I best all the ecommerce sites do .. if you are in Texas make sure to file your franchise tax report .. even if you don't qualify for the tax you still need to file the report as Not Applicable ..
  5. As I understand it a LLC can bring on partners / investors etc without re-doing the paperwork :. A sole can't. I don't know of any differences other than that
  6. Marker54

    Custom injection machine

    Custom made injector , dual pot (approx 48 oz each side ) side by side with independent temp controllers and variable speed stirrers for each pot. Both sides capable of simultaneous use and different temperatures, pressure , injection etc. Max temp for each pot is 190c .. valves are capable of up to 30psi of pressure, we shoot at 25psi (tiny little legs on one lure design ). Runs on standard 120 wall plug but it does need a 20amp outlet if you are going to run both sides at same time. It is capable of dual color injection and does have a mixing block .. though we don’t use it that we way. Will also come with the compressor and control boxes obviously. Please note this is a well used , but very reliable machine. It’s only a year old as a production machine but the demand volume has outgrown it .. we are moving onto a heat exchanger. $5k , I can take credit card (but need to add 3%) , PayPal works or a old fashioned check. I’ll crate it up for shipping but buyer is responsible for shipping (I’m guessing it weights 50lbs or slightly more ) machine is located at our shop here in Austin , Tx Email works best -marker54lures@gmail .. in subject line please put “injection machine”as that’s our default email box for website and it’s gets a lot emails
  7. Marker54


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  8. who knows if that’s right since we don’t know what Lure you are selling .. however I would say that you need 75% margins (at worst) over retail pricing when calculating just material and packaging costs of a product. Because after material costs you need to deduct labor , tooling , locations , and yes excise .. THEN you create your wholesale pricing levels .. After all that is your profit margin ..hence why you need to have a 75% or higher margin when starting with just material costs .. make sense ?
  9. Lol .. that looks like a lure that was shot when there was some plastic burning in the pot . That’s burned bits of plastic floating in the rest of the plastic .. got lucky and made a cool design
  10. Get a volusion website ..it costs 13 dollars for the very basic plan and they have a template based design. the free templates are very nice - you just plug in pictures. However if As for the federal excise tax that’s trickier but generally it’s only something you should worry about if you get a federal EIN and create a LLC .. legal zoom can help set that all up for about 99 -199 . . however I would strongly recommend against that route at first.. make the Lures and try to sell a few before you go dropping $ on a perfect legal framework .. there are tons of hobby biz that function freely, if you start getting big or some local store wants your product then you can create a LLC.
  11. Marker54

    Custom Molds for Sale

    I have two Custom Molds based upon Custom Designs,For sale. Both were development prototype molds for product that has since evolved. I am a full time Lure manufacturer (marker54.com) and these molds were included in lure development at some stage but have since laid on a shelf for a year or two - the shop is moving and i figure id sell them. I have the ability to take PayPal OR Credit Card (add 3%). I will ship the day of the transaction via US POSTAL 2 day Priority with tracking number. We are a 5 year old company with significant retail presence in the South East US and Based in Austin. So I'm legit ;-) ~ Joshua (owner Marker 54) Text or Call me with any Questions: 503-NINE-56-ZERO 362 A) 3 chamber Hook Lead + Rattle mold ($600).. Custom by Bob - 3/16 ounce lead mild for mid hook shaft Lead placement that is integrated to also hold a 5mm Glass Rattle (see picture). Mold Can accept BOTH 90 degree and Straight Shank cross eye hook styles to any shaft length and up to about 4/0-ishy wire thickness. Mold also Comes with about 9000 5mm Glass Rattles. PLEASE NOTE : this was a 4 chamber mold, But it fell from the bench and one chamber got Scarred _ i have Jb welded that chamber full but 3 perfect chambers remain in the mold. The mold was intended to help integrate a glass rattle into the M54 Shrimp lure product line - however the glass rattles did not survive more than one fish making them not retail product worthy. This mold could be used for a custom Jig that wants to integrate a Rattle OR for a custom cross eye style worm hook that wants a belly weight + rattle combo. AGAIN this is a custom mold based upon a unique design. B) Simple Swim tail lure Custom Design (500). This is a 6 cavity (individual injection) 4"-ish swim tail based upon a Unique design Hook+Wedge tail hybrid custom design. The tail section is thin and does not cause the body of the lure to Wobble- SO the lure action is more like a grub tail where only the tail swims and the body does not wobble, however is a paddle tail style design that allows the paddle tail to "swim" even when the lure is falling thru the water. This is a custom mold that was the first prototype mold in a soon to be released product line. The final product has deviated dramatically from this original design - so i feel comfortable selling this mold. The lures are very cool, pretty unique in their swimming action - however unlikely suitable for mass retail product line production. (but they catch a lot of reds thats for sure).
  12. Hello all, last two years i have been running a Lure company and i need an Injection company now. My injection abilities are limiting the growth. I have 18 Cavities in 3 molds from Bob and the lure does require a hook with lead be placed in each cavity ( I supply) - i need about 1000 lures month currently. The lure is visible on my website (marker54.com) and is the M54 and Jerk Shrimp .. both Plastics are a custom version of Saltwater Hard mixture (i have that recipe dialed in) and i only need white injected.. I take care of the coloring. NOW i have called the major injectors here in the USA and ALL (or all i can find) are none ZERO, ZIP are interested in more work (they REALLY REALLY REALLY don't like the putting things in molds part) two of them said i should consider China.. (made me laugh USA manufacture telling me to manufacture in China) ...SO i have found a CHINA injector and they are ready to go BUT I'm not super enthused about that. i like the Made here in the USA concept so i figured i would toss then out to the community in a last ditch effort to see if anyone knows of a smaller injector who's looking to expand with me ... and willing to put hooks with lead in molds . I'd like to use my current molds, but if this elusive company is using a Zorn i can pony up for a pie mold (sigh!) Also i am looking for a HardPlastic lure Injector so i can bring 3 other lures OUT of china - might have to cut new molds the, odds of getting mine from them seem slim... email works best marker54lures@gmail.com - I'm happy to pay for any lead that works out to a deal with an injector. regards joshua Marker54.com
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