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  1. I was thinking the same thing about enclosing it. I didn't think about plexi in the back. Mine has thin ply-which is ok, but I need to install a light.
  2. That's a nice set up with a lot of thought.
  3. That's a great idea! Now I wish I had one...
  4. Stretcher's post finally got me going on a new rotisserie. Just started working on a High Capacity machine for ten lures. Been wanting to get one built that spins lures that are already set up with a through wire, so I can do a full epoxy seal.
  5. Gloves, and the always recommended eye protection. There are no fumes.
  6. That's a nice one. I just received the exact same motors from ebay: They're listed as ROBUST motors and it's true. Much better than the motors I've pulled out of microwaves. The rating is for 220V -I thought they would turn too slow on 110V , but they work fine. The best part is they are SUPER CHEAP to buy!
  7. I use wood hardener for my cedar lures. I filled one of those preserve jars that have a lid with a silicone seal and a wire loop and hook to lock it down. The lures go into the jar overnight and the jar gets turned upside down and back again a few times. Take the lures out in the AM and wipe them off. Let them dry a few hours, sand and prime. The bonus for me is that I use a through wire, so the hardener gets into the bore hole for the wire and seals the inside of the lure.
  8. I would bet you'd get a lot of air pockets in that stuff, unless you use a vacuum pump to degass it.
  9. I would paint the iridescent yellow, then an opaque white where you want the iridescent purple to go, then the purple. I do this when I want to paint pearl scales on top of black.
  10. Shoot, I could use that for Striped Bass, Blackfish, and Fluke (Summer Flounder)!
  11. I use Testor's Aztek, they're set up the same way. Love those paints, and not as expensive as some others. Bonus, get the Micheal's Crafts app on your phone and wait for the 40, 50, and 60 percent sales!
  12. Holy cow! That's high capacity. My first rotisserie was the large wheel type. I don't like chasing the lures around, trying to clear coat them-it's why I opted for the rotisserie setup.
  13. Thanks jonister, fshng2. I like eastern red cedar. It's easy to work, finishes beautifully, not too soft, and easy to weight. Besides, it smells great!
  14. I love this lure! I don't do any fresh water fishing, but I do have a bridge near me that pigeons use to nest. I'm wondering if stripers eat baby birds!
  15. Nice carving job. This is the first time I've heard of a wake bait. I may try to make my own. Any advice on construction?