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  1. Nice setup, plus if you really wanted to go all out, the white backdrop would make it way easier Photoshop in a background!
  2. Thanks. If the other one you saw was dyed blue, it was mine. I have to make a swimmer and popper versions with a smaller profile. The ones I posted are a little heavy for actual fishing.
  3. Thanks!
  4. I don't like the feel of that stuff on my hands-something about it feels like it never comes completely off. These are the motors I used: For some reason he only ever has five available at a time...
  5. Lure Rotisserie for ten lures. Motors and lamp all on individual switches. Just ordered five more motors to finish it up.
  6. I'm using PC-Petrifier in a one gallon bottle. I found it on line. I don't think there's much difference between brands.
  7. I was thinking the same thing about enclosing it. I didn't think about plexi in the back. Mine has thin ply-which is ok, but I need to install a light.
  8. That's a nice set up with a lot of thought.
  9. That's a great idea! Now I wish I had one...
  10. Stretcher's post finally got me going on a new rotisserie. Just started working on a High Capacity machine for ten lures. Been wanting to get one built that spins lures that are already set up with a through wire, so I can do a full epoxy seal.
  11. Gloves, and the always recommended eye protection. There are no fumes.
  12. That's a nice one. I just received the exact same motors from ebay: They're listed as ROBUST motors and it's true. Much better than the motors I've pulled out of microwaves. The rating is for 220V -I thought they would turn too slow on 110V , but they work fine. The best part is they are SUPER CHEAP to buy!
  13. I use wood hardener for my cedar lures. I filled one of those preserve jars that have a lid with a silicone seal and a wire loop and hook to lock it down. The lures go into the jar overnight and the jar gets turned upside down and back again a few times. Take the lures out in the AM and wipe them off. Let them dry a few hours, sand and prime. The bonus for me is that I use a through wire, so the hardener gets into the bore hole for the wire and seals the inside of the lure.
  14. I would bet you'd get a lot of air pockets in that stuff, unless you use a vacuum pump to degass it.
  15. I would paint the iridescent yellow, then an opaque white where you want the iridescent purple to go, then the purple. I do this when I want to paint pearl scales on top of black.