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  1. Send me a pm when you get your project done, I'd like to see it.
  2. Hey thanks for the link, love the eyes and prices!
  3. Glow paints rely on a certain thickness to properly charge. It may be you don't have a thick enough layer. Try dipping instead. A UV light may also help, or leave the lures in bright sunlight for a few hours. A clear coat would only serve to protect the glow layer, but if the clear coat has a UV protection component built into it, the glow paint won't charge properly.
  4. Nice setup, plus if you really wanted to go all out, the white backdrop would make it way easier Photoshop in a background!
  5. Thanks. If the other one you saw was dyed blue, it was mine. I have to make a swimmer and popper versions with a smaller profile. The ones I posted are a little heavy for actual fishing.
  6. Thanks!
  7. I don't like the feel of that stuff on my hands-something about it feels like it never comes completely off. These are the motors I used: For some reason he only ever has five available at a time...
  8. Lure Rotisserie for ten lures. Motors and lamp all on individual switches. Just ordered five more motors to finish it up.
  9. I'm using PC-Petrifier in a one gallon bottle. I found it on line. I don't think there's much difference between brands.
  10. I was thinking the same thing about enclosing it. I didn't think about plexi in the back. Mine has thin ply-which is ok, but I need to install a light.
  11. That's a nice set up with a lot of thought.
  12. That's a great idea! Now I wish I had one...
  13. Stretcher's post finally got me going on a new rotisserie. Just started working on a High Capacity machine for ten lures. Been wanting to get one built that spins lures that are already set up with a through wire, so I can do a full epoxy seal.
  14. Gloves, and the always recommended eye protection. There are no fumes.
  15. That's a nice one. I just received the exact same motors from ebay: They're listed as ROBUST motors and it's true. Much better than the motors I've pulled out of microwaves. The rating is for 220V -I thought they would turn too slow on 110V , but they work fine. The best part is they are SUPER CHEAP to buy!