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  1. Sorry for this post. I was wrong.
  2. This is kind of what I had in mind
  3. Imagine if Al Lindner worked a tackle show. He would probably sell out by noon Being friendly and enthusiastic is everything
  4. I'm on a Face Book page for a guy who makes hand made baits in his shop. Every month folks send in photos of the fish they caught with his lures. Most of the photos the lure is in the fishes mouth. For you guys in the north country put a 1 ounce weight on the back set of hooks and jig it up and down in the ice hole. Just crazy enough to work
  5. When I saw this post I wondered if you were talking about the Des Moines and Omaha shows. If have done the Omaha shows for about 10+ years and Des Moines just once. Just one time selling my own lures at each venue. Have you done either of these 2 shows before? I will message you with my phone number if want to ask questions about what I think you can sell
  6. I do these every year and it depends on the venue. Some shows you can do well others everyone has "gator arms" The real key is to be friendly and have fun.
  7. Fool I like your baits. And I'm glad you agree it would be fun.
  8. This could be a friendly contest where there is no winner. Just have fun. Kind of like a sandlot ball game that you played as a kid. The judges would be anyone who viewed the photo. They could say nice catch or wait till you see what I'm going to catch. My opinion only, lures are made to catch fish.!
  9. Hey how about a new idea for a best home made lure contest. The 2 main things is that it will need to be hand made (no blanks) the other is that the photo is of the lure hanging from some fishes mouth. How about it gang? Might be fun
  10. Love it. Build it and try it. The best way to learn if thru trying and failing and don't give up
  11. I like the way you think
  12. Just wondered what the advantage of using a split ring over a snap would be. Most everything you see has the split rings but Pre - Rapala Wiggle Warts used the snaps in their later models. What does the group say...................
  13. This post was geared to the guys who start from scratch to design a lure. I want to look at a block of wood and say, " What if maybe" I put a small spinner blade where the front hook goes or what if I give the lure a hump back. Maybe it works maybe it goes down in flames. Yes this hobby is fun but building a lure from scratch and catching a nice fish on that lure is an absolute HOOT. Boys keep on building those lures. Thanks
  14. Thanks for all the good ideas. I do have a proven design BUT there are factors in construction that I need to consider. Hard to believe but I have created a few negative thinkers that now are key chains or hang in the wall of shame. When I give or sell the baits it's a comfort level to me to say, I have tested each and every one. Now top waters and shallow diving minnow baits I have no worries. The divers are my worry.
  15. OK, Old Man Winter is not so far away here in the mid-west. Ice will soon close down my field testing facility (AKA local boat ramp). I can't in good conscience sell a lure that doesn't run correctly. Mainly I'm talking diving baits here. How does the rest of the cold weather guys handle this problem? You warm weather types don't reply.
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