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  1. Carved out of cedar #4 treble hooks run about 18" deep slight wobble
  2. This all made by hand? If so how difficult was that rotor?
  3. Great article in the June issue of In-Fisherman about wood fishing lures. Talks about the early handmade lures by James Heddon and the newer lures from guys like Phil Hunt owner of PH Custom Lures. Worth a read.
  4. Try it. I do the same thing and try different shapes. Sometimes good other times bad. But always a lot of fun Are you going to do those dots? If you don't already know use the head of a finish nail.
  5. Thanks. Got a lake in mind for this lure in northern Minnesota
  6. This would help a guy like me a lot.
  7. Found this old post. Did this idea die off? For me this would be great to get new ideas and learn. Make lures, will travel
  8. To get access to a hot farm pond, I made a lure featuring the pond owners favorite pro football team. Used those vinyl stickers sold at Office Depot. Used my home printer to print the image on the vinyl application and cut it to size. Looked great and the bass action at the pond is righteous.
  9. As guy who builds lures from scratch, this is a really good read. Thanks much appreciated
  10. I make and sell lures from scratch as a hobby. If your selling 5 a day you must be making some righteous baits.
  11. Thanks. I'm having a lot of fun with this.
  12. I've been making top waters with screw eyes for about a year. Screw eyes work well with Pike and Bass. No problems. Never had a striper caught with one of them. Now these are in basswood not balsa.