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  1. Destroyer bait

    The D bomb?
  2. Destroyer bait

    Do you know where I might be able to get it?
  3. Destroyer bait

    I fixed my mistake.
  4. Destroyer bait

    Does anyone know where I can get a mold that is like the one that Missile Baits sells called Destroyer?
  5. PMs not working

    Sames for me as well.
  6. zoom color help

    Thanks guys!!! My stepson loves that color and I just want to make him some worms so he don't have to spend his money.
  7. zoom color help

    Does Zooms, Green Pumpkin also have some brown in it? I can not figure out how to make that color. I have some Green Pumpkin from Basstackel, but it comes out more like a Watermelon.
  8. super soft plastic.

    Should I stick with the 4 tablespoons or should I back off a little?
  9. super soft plastic.

    I need your help again...LOL.. I screwed up and bought the MF Super Soft Plastic thinking It would be good enough to where I wouldn't have to add the softener. I was wrong! Everything came out like a wet noodle. I did add a pint of hardener to the 5 gallon mix but it's still to soft. So let me ask this....When I buy the Medium plastic...could I use the Super Soft as my softener for my senko mix? I am going with this mix at the moment.. 1 cup of medium plastic 1/8 cup of salt 3/8 cup of G.B.M. 4 tablespoons of softener
  10. Do they really?.....

    Yes sir...I do not like the finished look of the stick bait with the DO-IT molds...I spent a little money and got a BT5 - stick bait mold from Basstackel and it was night and day difference....I do like the DO-IT lizard mold thou.
  11. color help

    Never mind...kiwi looks like a laminat and I do not have that set up just yet. Looks like I will continue to keep buying them.
  12. color help

    I looked in the cookbook and could not find kiwi. Could someone help me out with that?
  13. Do they really?.....

    Never mind....as soon as I posted that, it hit me...LOL!! GBM = Glass Bead Material? LOL....GEEEZZZZ im such a dork!!!
  14. Do they really?.....

    What is GBM? I keep seeing post about it but don't have a clue to what it is or what it does?
  15. Do they really?.....

    The top is glass and the bottom and salt the glass came out better in my opinion