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  1. j.burch

    Dead on plastix

    ME TO! The grass is not always greener on the other side!
  2. j.burch

    Dead on plastix

    Im using medium on mine cause I want them to last longer than 1 fish and done. But I only make the 4" swimbait.
  3. j.burch

    Dead on plastix

    Love the Baitjunkies plastic!
  4. j.burch

    Plastic from a 5 gal bucket

    Baitjunkies sells their plastic in 1 gallon jugs and I believe it's cheaper than some of the companies that sells t in the 5 gallon jugs. I want to say it like $24.99 per gallon.
  5. j.burch

    Does anyone have....

    Do any of you guys have, The Jerk 5.5 from Bait Junkies? Is it more of a minnow shape or does it kinda look like the Super Fluke? I really can't tell by the picture they have on their website.
  6. I have the 720 from basstackel. Love it and it shoots really good. The fish at my local lake seem to like it also. Definitely going to get another 720 mold.
  7. j.burch

    BT 698 swimbait, 5” do it fluke molds, and tube cutter

    Is it $100 for both 5" fluke molds or $100 each? Can you also send me a picture of them to my email? j.burchssi@gmail.com
  8. j.burch

    5" FLUKES

    Thanks guys!
  9. j.burch

    5" FLUKES

    How many of you guys on here are making 5" Flukes (jerk baits) ? Thinking about getting a 5" mold from DelMart and was wondering how many you guys are getting out of a cup of plastic? Also, how much salt should I add for weight and is medium plastic good enough or should I go softer?
  10. j.burch

    Destroyer bait

    I Agree.
  11. j.burch

    Destroyer bait

    The D bomb?
  12. j.burch

    Destroyer bait

    Do you know where I might be able to get it?
  13. j.burch

    Destroyer bait

    I fixed my mistake.
  14. j.burch

    Destroyer bait

    Does anyone know where I can get a mold that is like the one that Missile Baits sells called Destroyer?
  15. j.burch

    PMs not working

    Sames for me as well.