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  1. Do Re Me

    Newbie with safety question

    I was just wondering whether people thought it was worth it, due to keeping the fumes away from your eyes. Does using phthalate free plastisol make a difference when it comes to using a respirator? thanks for the info john
  2. Do Re Me

    Newbie with safety question

    So I've been making my own spinnerbaits for a couple of years and am looking at getting into pouring my own plastics. I've been reading thru the forum, watching various videos and the stickies regarding newbie do's and don't s. I'm still a few months away from actually starting this, however I have a question regarding respirators. Seems most people are using the 3m half face models along with a pair of goggles, has any one tried using any of the various full face respirators? If so, any thoughts, recommendations, etc? Seems like it would be easier, but appearances are often deceiving. Appreciate any advice and thanks for the info many of you have taken the time to post. John