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  1. This is a good idea! Might get both and see what i like!
  2. Yes a newbie, i am. And im doing lots of research to be fully prepared for this endeavor!! This site and the community of makers. Is a great place to do so!
  3. Thanks. Gunna start off trying the infrared! I will keep in mind the stirring is a necessity.
  4. Looking at thermometers.. Is infared the way to go? How accurate are they? What do yall use?
  5. This is exactly the help i needed! I cant wait to try a few things out! Thanks again sir!
  6. So would you say the trick to it.. So to speak is to keep the first color from cooling too much?
  7. Awesome! Thanks for the info! This site has helped a great deal.
  8. I am a future soft bait "hobbyist".. Lol i already know its gunna suck me in!! Im doing alot of research before diving in. And i have what might be a dumb question but here goes.. Is there a way to get two colors in a mold without a dual injector? If so.. Is there a youtube vid or something to watch? Thanks in advance for any help!