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  1. NWBass, I'm coming into the conversation a little late, so I apologize for that (took a few days off for spring break with the kids!). I'm sorry you're having issue with the split rings you purchased from us. As many here have already suggested, there's definitely some technique to putting these together. I've built more than I can count, and I still semi-regularly end up with sprung split rings. A couple of suggestions that haven't already been covered: Consider using narrow opening split ring pliers. These are widely available online, including from us, many of our competitors, and from Amazon. The lower jaw on these pliers extends past the downward point of the upper jaw (think underbite), making it far more difficult to overextend your split rings. Basically, they limit how far you can open your split rings. I use these almost exclusively when building chatterbaits. When I'm building these, I use two pairs of split ring pliers (or, depending on what I have on hand, a pair of split ring pliers and a small pair of round nose pliers). The technique is difficult to describe, but, basically, I use the narrow opening split ring pliers to get the ring started on the blade, then, while using the narrow opening pliers to keep the split ring open, I'll use the other pair of pliers to rotate the split ring onto the blade. Not sure that makes sense, but I've found it far easier to maneuver/rotate the ring/blade this way without overextending the ring. Maybe I'm just losing dexterity as I age! If you like, PM me your order info (order number and/or email address) and I'll double check to make sure we sent you the right rings. It's possible another style of split ring slipped in there (stainless steel would be a nightmare on these). We'll do what we can to make things right. Thanks, and good fishing! Matt Barlow
  2. Createx offers Quicksilver Chrome and Quicksilver Gold airbrush paints that produce the closest we've seen to metallic finishes in an airbrush paint.
  3. Happy to help. You guys keep us in business, and we're grateful for that. Thanks, and good fishing! Matt Barlow
  4. Pouritmold.com is also another good option.
  5. Bill, PM me your info (email and/or order number) and we'll get you taken care of. Our drop shot swivels are sourced from Do-it, so you shouldn't be seeing a failure rate that high. Matt Barlow
  6. Out of curiosity, why are you wanting to blacken them? Why use these over painted blades?
  7. Absolutely beautiful. Nice work.
  8. DDL, How long did you allow the Autoborne sealer to cure? Autoborne sealer works best when heat cured. Barring that, it requires a minimum of 48 curing time. I can't speak to how it performs over powder paint, but our customers have had success applying it over a number of other finishes. You can partially cure it with a heat gun between coats -- this will reduce your wait time between coats, but I've found it's not a substitute for time/baking. Hope that helps. Good Fishing
  9. We're expecting to have the 3.5" and 5" back in stock later this week.
  10. We also carry the Do-It Essentials plastisol. - Matt Barlow/Barlow's
  11. Painter1, For the stand to work properly, you need to insert the flashabou so it cascades (for lack of a better word) over the edge of the stand. For flashabou, that means inserting the wired end into the hole on the stand. For flashabou accent you should insert the zip tie around the center. Here are a few pics that hopefully explain what I mean: Hope this helps. If you're still unhappy with the stand you can PM me and we'll arrange a return. Good fishing! -Matt Barlow
  12. Hawg Hooker, PM me your contact info and we'll figure out what you've got and how to make it right. Excluding Hildebrandt, we don't carry any willow blades that run $66/50 count. -Matt Barlow
  13. Good Fishing

    carp glider

    Beautiful. Just beautiful.
  14. Wapsi or Hareline, if you're looking to buy wholesale quantities.Those are the two main manufacturers we buy from. Hareline has the best quality at the moment.
  15. I could have phrased my question better. This was the kind of guidance I was looking for. Basically, I'm wondering if most of you apply a base coat with your airbrush or with some other means (rattle can, for example). Is there some benefit to applying base coat with an airbrush? I'm currently painting old Rat-L-Traps. They're cheap and a good practice lure, since I'm only starting to learn how to airbrush. I've been hand-sanding the original surface prior to applying a base coat of Createx Autoborne Sealer, but I was wondering if a base coat of rattle can primer would work just as well.
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