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  1. Andrew, Based on our test, the 291 will work in Do-It Mold SRH-6-A. It's not a perfect fit -- see the attached image -- but, at worst, you might have leakage around the hook eyes. Size-wise, here's what we think will work in each cavity: Size 2 - 1/16, 1/8 Size 1 - 1/8 (better fit than size 2), 3/16, 1/4 Size 1/0 - 5/16, 3/8 (3/8 is a little tight) Hope this helps.
  2. This is my personal, highly unscientific opinion, but, having fished both a lot, I find that the blades with bubble holes (we call them "turbo" blades) have a sharper, tighter hunt pattern than the non-bubble hole blades. I prefer the wider, slower hunt of the standard blades, but we sell lots of both.
  3. Did you have any trouble applying the Createx with a brush, or was there much of a learning curve? We've had a number of customers ask about doing this, but it's something I haven't gotten around to trying.
  4. Look for non bleed liquid colors. They're typically made with pigment (instead of dye), so they're more opaque. Generally speaking, they also don't bleed like some dye-based colors will (hence the name).
  5. Do-It's CNC Ripper mold is available in 2" and 2.5"
  6. Having multiple sales channels can help ensure steady revenue/growth. It's what's kept us in business for so many years. At the same time, retail is a very different beast from selling online. Leasing/owning property, inventory management, staffing, etc, are all tremendously time-consuming. If you're considering going down this path, just be very deliberate in identifying what you expect to get out of it. More sales? If so, is opening a retail location the best path to achieving your business goals, or would you be better off focusing on growing your online business? Or do you simply love the in-person interaction with other passionate fishermen? If that's the case, you may find better exposure and business opportunities attending shows, etc. Crunch the numbers, then crunch them again. Be realistic and very conservative about your revenue expectations. Be very leery of debt -- it kills lots of businesses. Finally, think about where you want to be in 5 years. Changing trajectories is much easier with an online business than a retail location. Best of luck, whichever path you decide to pursue.
  7. Welcome aboard. You'll find an incredible group of fishing and lure building enthusiasts here. What they create often borders on art, and the knowledge you'll gain will definitely help you build better lures and catch more fish.
  8. Make sure you're holding pressure on the injector for a bit when the mold is full, and be sure you're leaving plenty of hot plastic in the sprue. Molds for big baits like beavers and senkos tend to dimple if you don't do this. I also like to use a larger (6 oz) injector on these to ensure my plastic stays hot.
  9. MF makes a non-bleed fluorescent pink you could try. I haven't used it enough to state that it categorically won't bleed, but you may have better luck with it.
  10. I do the same thing. I regularly hand pour one side of my injection molds before closing it up and injecting the other side. For some laminates, I prefer this to the dual injector b/c it gives me a cleaner break between colors. I know some forum members have had issues with delamination when they do this, but it's never been an issue for me.
  11. We usually steer people to either cncmolds.com or pouritmold.com. Both have consistently delivered for our customers. Thanks, and good fishing! Matt
  12. The 10# pot is far more popular with our customers. Unless you're pouring lots of lead, the 20# pot is generally overkill.
  13. Createx offers Quicksilver Chrome and Quicksilver Gold airbrush paints that produce the closest we've seen to metallic finishes in an airbrush paint.
  14. Happy to help. You guys keep us in business, and we're grateful for that. Thanks, and good fishing! Matt Barlow
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