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  1. Do you pour that mold with the hook in place? Or do you add the hook after it is poured?
  2. Thanks Baitjunky, Ah. Never knew that before. I'm sure they say all the money goes to wildlife management or something. Sounds like your intimately familiar with that section of code!
  3. Pleas explain. I am unfamiliar with this. Why is making plastic bait subject to an excise tax? If I buy liquid plastic have I already paid excise tax or am I obligated to pay it Directly to the IRS? I have never heard of this. I thought excise tax was tax on gasoline.
  4. Mark, what are some good paddletail swimbait molds for the delta?


  5. I use the lurecraft medium plastic . I mix it with a 4 to one ratio with salt. It's pretty darn close to a texture of a senko. What are you using to measure the temperature of your plastic"
  6. OK so if I use a dual injector to shoot a creature bait or a send style worm, say, one side blue and the other side watermelon, will the colors need so much that the bait will be one color? Or will the bleeding be minimal and will appear as a transition? Or is there a technique I need to employ?
  7. Ok. Thank you for 'clearing' that up. Very helpful!
  8. Can someone explain the difference? Do I need both styles of dye?
  9. http://www.rapala.com/storm/soft-baits/wildeyeandreg-swim-shad/WildEye+Swim+Shad.html?cgid=storm-softbaits Ok, so I know I wont find this mold, but do any of you know who makes paddletail molds that will accept an embedded hook and sinker? Does anyone have experience with these types of baits? Thanks!
  10. Mark, what grade glass bead media do you recommend? Fine or coarse? It all used as an abrasive, so I want to be the media that will damage the injectors the least. I appreciate your advice!
  11. Hey Cub, I asked my mother in law if I could borrow her pancake griddle, and she was ok with it till my wife told her what I was going o use it for. So I ended up getting one for 15 bucks on amazon. When you are working, do you leave it set at 325? I'm assuming you set your Pyrex on it as well as your injectors?
  12. If the irwins don't work, I kave some bar clamps with screws I'll try . Failing that I'll buy some welding clamps as you suggest. I do have a couple vise in my shop, but I don't want to relocate them to our 'ventilated ' area..
  13. Yes I forgot black! And peal too but only when we start pouring swimbaits. I have been looking for a mold to replicate a storm wild eye shad with an integrated hook, but have had no luck. That would be great for us in pearl and chartreuse.
  14. Thanks mark, I don't think I'll be that aggressive to start. Maybe I'll be able to work my way up to that many molds in one heating. Do the bottles of plastic have heating directions on them, or do all brands need to be heated to 350, then allowed to cool to 325 to pour? BTW I see your friends on FB with Cooch. We like to fish with him as often as we can and fish the delta every weekend out of Brannon island
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