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  1. Thanks Les...also i havent ordered any glass beads yet.....are you guys saying that it scratches the injectors.
  2. Yes I made some Baby Bass...thank you all for the comments, recipes, etc....i used Dels light watermelon , black, gold and a little silver flake...w salt....im curious to try the glass crystals and will order some soon..........client seemed to like the color and ordered 60 more.......thank you all again. ive attached a link with the picture. https://sbgi-my.sharepoint.com/:i:/g/personal/deblackshire_sbgtv_com/EX5s3NMMPe1Dqz1sN-KMDHcBVcsplv6GxzavBilh--Anyg?e=Rb2IEX
  3. Are these glass beads called anything in particular........i cant seem to find them on ebay
  4. Where do you get the glass beads.........
  5. thanks ...no its not laminated......i will try the green pumkin to see if i get it...ive already tried watermelon......just off slightlt we dels light watermelon
  6. Do anyone make or know of anyone that makes the Yum Swurm Mold
  7. Hope everyone is staying safe........can you guys who make swimbaits tell me what the best plastic for swimbaits is? Thank you.
  8. Thanks everyone for the responses....I believe I will order a few.....stay safe everyone.....
  9. Anybody ever buy any molds from baitmold.com? if so how are they?
  10. Anyone have a recipe for these 2 colors?
  11. What method do you guys use to ship? USPS, FedEx, UPS. etc. Also do you ship in boxes, envelopes, etc.....I'm trying to cut costs on shipping for me and my customers.
  12. Bassman17$

    2 Centipede Molds

    At 150 plus shipping we do
  13. Bassman17$

    2 Centipede Molds

    that's fine. these molds sell new for $150 apiece.
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