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  1. Does anyone know where to get blanks close to flicker shads and rip raps?
  2. I figure if that's the normal customer service I don't need to mention a name. In time they would have put the nails in his own coffin. I'm glad it worked out the best it probably could have under the circumstances in which it started. Like I said also I'm new to the custom crank world so I could've been over critical. Thanks for the feedback.
  3. Update: I received an email from the vendor I posted about and after he reviewed the photos I sent him he acknowledged that the baits did in fact have a defect that could affect the action. He apologized and told me he had no problem with me ordering from him in the future. I appreciate all of the feedback I got on this and glad it all turned out well. Thanks again.
  4. I'd like to get a little more feedback before I put a name out there . Can you see the offset in the picture? Do I have a legitimate issue here?
  5. the bill on the bait is offset. By that I mean the center of the bill doesn't line up with the center of the bait. All the other baits I have gotten the center of the bill and the bait have lined up. Even the same blanks I got with this order minus the 3 here's a pic . The other 2 are offset in the opposite direction and the rest of the order the bills are centered on the blank I'm assuming the bill being offset will affect the action of the bait. If I'm wrong please tell me because then I guess I was being to picky.
  6. The guy did refund the portion of my order he didn't fulfill. So I got my $ back. Just doesn't want to supply me anymore?
  7. I recently received an order from a supplier and it was short baits and 3 of the baits I received were defective. I reached out to the supplier to inquire about the defective baits and if they would send me replacements if I sent the defective ones back for him to look at so he knew I wasn't trying to pull a fast one on him or something. Then rather than completing my order he told me he wasn't going to sell me baits anymore because I complained about a bait he said he never has had an issue with. Is this a common practice in the hardbait world? Are the bait manufacturers so perfect that they never let a bad blank out of production? Just wondering I'm fairly new to the custom bait scene and I'm just wondering if something like this happens again should I just eat the loss? Or not say anything? I would have thought a supplier would want to know about this but apparently I was extremely wrong. All the other baits I had gotten from them were fine. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm not going to give the name of the company because I'm not trying to make anyone look bad just looking to avoid an issue like this in the future.
  8. Even something similar to a Wally diver would work. Just a longer skinny bodied bait @ 4-5 inches. I'll check out avid. Thanks
  9. I'm looking for a supplier I can get jerk bait style blanks that run @15 ft. I usually buy my blanks from PBB he doesn't have anything like that and I've tried a few other sites but a lot of them in finding don't list the depth the bait dives to. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I did use extra fine glitter you can find at just about any hobby store and mixed it in with the clear coat before applying it.
  11. Thanks for the feedback guys I'm going to look into all of your suggestions.
  12. I want to basecoat a bunch or baits at once any suggestions on how to do this. My 35mm tip airbrush isn't very efficient for that. Can I use spray paint? Do I need to buy a bigger gun? Any suggestions would be great.
  13. Thanks that's good to know.
  14. Thanks guys. I am using the 30 min and used some 2000 grit sandpaper on a crafting stick. Worked great. Saved the bait. Greatly appreciated. Only my 7 th bait got a long way to go but turned out pretty good I think.
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