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  1. Thanks fshng2, but I need the deep divers, and it is a pain to work with dipsy divers where we fish. I have lures that were almost identical to the one I am looking for, and it was not nearly as productive. It sounds crazy, bit this one lure would catch more fish than the others I have combined. The problem with them is that they did not gold up well, some broke after 1 fish, and if they lost an eye, they were ruined as well.
  2. Mainly for pike, but it works great for walleye, salmon, and steelhead also. Thanks!
  3. Replica of the above lure needed. They are about 8 inches including lip. Dives to 20+. Storm stopped making them and they catch the most fish out of any other lure hands down. I would be buying multiple lures per year.