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  1. Senko Formula Tips

    What brand of salt are you guys using? I believe the one I’m using is settling to quickly
  2. Senko Formula Tips

    Per 8oz of Plastisol, I’m using 2 TBs of salt. Which I’m adding before heating. I’ve trialed with blended powdered salt & fine salt. my stick baits are weighing 9g. I have tested them & they do sink well but I would like them to weigh 10-11g. Does a certain brand of salt suspend in the plastisol better than others? Also, does Glass Bead Media help with density of stick baits? But I’ve alsp ready because that it can scratch your injector from others experience any insight or info would be really appreciated, thanks
  3. LureWorks Colorants

    Thanks! I appreciate the info
  4. LureWorks Colorants

  5. LureWorks Colorants

    What’s your guys opinions on LureWorks colorants? They do offer a great price, but would like to what you guys think? And if you guys show some samples with their colorants that would be great. Thanks
  6. WTB BassTackle 726-S Craw Mold

    Send a DM if you have these molds available for sale. Thanks
  7. Presto Pots with mixer

    Where can I buy presto Pots with stirrers inside?
  8. Do it Lead Molds Sale/Trade

    Might be sold already today
  9. Do it Lead Molds Sale/Trade

    Bullet Jig Mold model # BHB-1059 & Bass Jig Mold model # BASS-3-AY, comes with tons of hooks Looking to sell or trade for other molds
  10. Do It molds for sale/trade

    How much
  11. Molds?

    Im looking for plastic molds (no hand pour) and lead molds, email me
  12. iwata airbrush and air compressor

    im interetested