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    I have not been sanding in between coats. I have been waiting about 2 hours in between the first and second coats.
  2. Nathan's son is down

    Praying for the officers and their families.
  3. AB98DE66-A2F9-4399-8022-91F3EC9A127E.jpeg

    Looks good and the solid edge around the outside will give it more strength and a place to have clamping options.
  4. New Craw and Gill Patterns

    They all look great!
  5. IMG_20180221_211609707.jpg

    Thank you Barry. I am going to make a few stencils to help me along. I am having trouble finding the air pressure sweet spot for doing detail work. I am going to have to break out some PVC or test plugs and work on it.
  6. Diner Shiner Modification

    You could use a drill bit the size of the hook eye to open up the mold a little. Just load the bit into a drill press and drill straight down into the mold so the hook you want to use fits. You can also use a deburring tool in your dremel. They have some very small sizes. I have found them at hardware stores like Lowes, Home Depot.....etc.
  7. IMG_20180221_211609707.jpg

    A few crankbaits I've been working on. I still need to work on lowering the air pressure before spraying the kill spot and gills.
  8. IMG_20180221_204536829.jpg

  9. IMG_20180221_204613470.jpg

    I finished a spinnerbait mold last night. It is 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2oz cavities.
  10. crankbait templates

    Looks good AK!
  11. Best way to adhear a CB Lip

    I would think 30min epoxy would work.
  12. 3D printing?

    Yes it can be done, but if you paying other people to do it it will be very costly. If you had the tools (3d scanner and CAD software) it can be done in a day or two.....depending upon how good your scanned data (STL file) is.