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  1. No More Masking Tape On Lip!

    Welcome and a good idea!
  2. Bone Prop Bait

    Looks good!
  3. CNC Router

    If you don't have much experience with machining or CAD/CAM you should look into some remedial classes first. Another thing you could look into is a 3D printer. Then you could print the molds or the masters for making the molds. The software I would check into is Fusion360.
  4. Citrus Shad, etc

    Looks good! I was going to try a citrus shad color on my next batch of baits.
  5. New batch of crankbaits

  6. IMG_20180221_211609707.jpg

    Thank you for the pointers Chuck. I am going to keep working on it. I went the stencil route on my last set of baits.
  7. KBS Brushing Question

    I've been dipping a few baits and I just put a wire through the hook hanger and the excess KBS runs down the wire and keeps the hook hanger fairly open.
  8. 98F30F70-B25C-4380-BD8D-18D21E383C29.jpeg


    You are welcome JB. I just placed an order from LPO and they have KBS Diamond clear too.

    I used the dealer finder on the KBS diamond coatings website to see who was the local dealers. I did have to call a few to find out how had it in stock, but I picked up my small can at a local NAPA autoparts store. I have not tested it for an interaction with plastic worms yet.

    I have not been sanding in between coats. I have been waiting about 2 hours in between the first and second coats.
  12. Nathan's son is down

    Praying for the officers and their families.
  13. AB98DE66-A2F9-4399-8022-91F3EC9A127E.jpeg

    Looks good and the solid edge around the outside will give it more strength and a place to have clamping options.
  14. New Craw and Gill Patterns

    They all look great!
  15. IMG_20180221_211609707.jpg

    Thank you Barry. I am going to make a few stencils to help me along. I am having trouble finding the air pressure sweet spot for doing detail work. I am going to have to break out some PVC or test plugs and work on it.