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  1. That would probably be easier!
  2. Thank for the welcome guys. Anybody want to stop buy and clean out a barn for me? Lol.
  3. That is an awesome achievement in a year!
  4. Thank you glider. Hahaha. Wire baits are much simpler to build for sure!
  5. I have been lurking here for a while but now I have joined the site. I wanted to say that you guys have inspired me to start down this journey of creating custom crankbaits. I make my own spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, jigs, and jig heads right now but I am going to add CB's to the list next. Sadly it will be a few months before I get the space cleaned out in the barn for a little workshop. I will continue to try try to soak up as much knowledge as I can for this craft until my workshop will be ready. I have a lot to learn about the painting side but thanks to you guys here I think I will be able to shorten that learning curve. The last time I painted a bait I kept it pretty simple and used rattle cans. This time I am going to go all in and get a good airbrush setup. Once again thank you for sharing on this site.