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  1. CAD and 3D printing

    The orientation of the bait on the printer table will make a difference. Our printer at work will even print out support automatically if the part needs it. The support material is even dissolves in water.
  2. CAD and 3D printing

    Hughesy: sweet looking frog! Jonister: Lol. I can design in CAD easier than I can carve out a lure!
  3. CAD and 3D printing

    That looks great Vodkaman.
  4. CAD and 3D printing

    I modeled the hangers in. I was surprised that our printer did them so well. They are only .030" in diameter. Mine was only for looks.
  5. CAD and 3D printing

    No, I just kinda winged it and made a size and shape that I liked.
  6. CAD and 3D printing

    Time wise it is not efficient yet for production, but for prototypes or a mold master it is ok. The bait I printed off took 2.5 hours on our printer. That was just on the default settings and not looking for high accuracy/quality.
  7. CAD and 3D printing

    I printed this one yesterday
  8. CAD and 3D printing

    What system are you using? The best way to get a smooth shape in most systems is to create a surface from multiple cross sections. Then from there (depending upon the system) you can edit the surface points to get the exact shape you want. Also with a 3d printed object the inside will have a criss-cross structural support system inside of the object. It will not be solid.
  9. Hello from new guy from GA

    Welcome. The lures you posted looked great. I didn't know LPO was the site owner. I just received my order from them 2 days ago. Learn something new everyday.
  10. first baits finished

    That is a great idea Mark. Thank you. I was also going to start numbering the baits that way I can match the bait to the notebook entry.
  11. first baits finished

    Always tinkering..... I wasn't happy with one of the baits out of the first batch so I rounded the body more, changed the ballast, and changed the line tie location. Now it is a wake bait that runs about 4" deep and I am happy with the action. I painted it then tried it Sunday and the fish liked it. I really need to start a notebook on what changes do to the lure action.
  12. first baits finished

    Thank you Rod. If I had a scroll saw I would use it instead of the hacksaw.
  13. first baits finished

    Thank you. I am not looking to advertise. I'm just starting the process on learning how to make baits and how to make them better. I will get better with my painting skills but for now I need to learn the basics. Rod: I started with a piece of stock and sketched an outline of what I wanted the shape to be. Cut that shape with my hacksaw. Then used a wood rasp to get close to the final shape. Sanded smooth, primed and painted it. I used rattle can clear since I had it laying around AND I will not use that again. I put 4 coats on them and it is not a durable top coat. I used screws for the hook hangers and line tie and used superglue to help anchor them in place. The colors are: chartreuse and white on the baits on the left; Copper/brown mix and chartreuse on the right; chartreuse and white then a little of the copper/brown mix on the nose and back of the bait in the top center.
  14. first baits finished

    I kept the paint jobs very simple as this was the first time I used an airbrush. I also didn't sand the top center bait smooth like I should have. I am going to have to add a little more weight to a few of the baits to get the action the way I want it, but all in all I am happy with the first batch. Oh yeah........ The smallmouth liked them.
  15. First baits completed

    Thank you guys. Yes they are my first and my first time using an airbrush so I kept the paint job simple. I caught a couple smallmouth on them Sunday.