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  1. CaptainSeabass

    Making a small sinking stickbait.

    G'day guys, It has been a while but I finally was able to find some time to work on a new project. This time I built a small sinking stickbait for a friend of mine. As per usual here is the video on the project.
  2. CaptainSeabass

    Small Stickbait for Fresh- & Saltwater

    Finished up this little stickbait for a friend of mine. It's always bugged me how poorly balanced most walk-the-dog stickbaits are so I figured I'd put a lot of effort into perfectly balancing this one. Enjoy!
  3. CaptainSeabass

    Building a cheap Lure Dryer

    Thanks Chuck, I had no idea I could post a link there. Cheers!
  4. CaptainSeabass

    Building a cheap Lure Dryer

    Here's my little lure dryer building process. Let me know if you have any questions. Should be pretty straight forward. Enjoy!
  5. CaptainSeabass

    Making a BIG swimbait for bass

    Thanks mate!
  6. CaptainSeabass

    Making a BIG swimbait for bass

    Thank you for all the kind words guys!
  7. CaptainSeabass

    Making a BIG swimbait for bass

    Hi guys, I've been in a 2.5 week long swimbait making project but she's finally finished up! Enjoy!
  8. CaptainSeabass

    Giant Popper Making Project

    G'day guys, Just finished another lure making project and as per usual; here is the video. This time we gave a big surface popper (pencil) a go. Let me know what you think. Cheers!
  9. CaptainSeabass

    Diving Popper Project

    G'day fellas, I just finished up my Diving Popper Project. As per usual I recorded the whole process. Let me know what you think!
  10. CaptainSeabass

    Handmade Swimbaits Available in May

    Hi guys, Since I've had a couple of purchasing requests over the last year and a half or so my mate and I have decided to start selling our hand built swimbaits. Here's a quick video on them!
  11. CaptainSeabass

    Making A Jerkbait Part 1 & 2

    G'day guys, I finally finished up a little jerkbait project I've been working on for quite some time. Here are part 1 and 2. Since the lure will be sent overseas to Australia to be tested on Barramundi, part three will be filmed by a good friend of mine to record the results with this lure. Let me know what you think!
  12. CaptainSeabass

    Stickbait Balancing

    G'day fellas, I've had a couple of questions regarding balancing out stickbaits. Since there are many variables I figured I'd make a couple of videos on this topic. Here's part 1.
  13. CaptainSeabass

    Jerkbait Project - Downunder part 1

    G'day guys, Here's part one of my jerkbait making project. This one is going overseas to Australia. Enjoy!
  14. CaptainSeabass

    Foiling A Big Stickbait

    Thanks mate!
  15. CaptainSeabass

    Custom Paint Job On GT Popper

    Hand crafted lures are getting more and more attention nowadays. People are willing to spend the big bucks! Just look at Roman Made, Moutoukenmaru and Ginei Custom lures. They all cost a small fortune but they're always sold out within an hour of hitting the shelves. One more high-end hand crafted lure brand to be added to that list soon!