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  1. www.fishingskirts.com Has very good weed guards they are 6.00 for 100 weed guards and they are Awesome
  2. I have used the Owner twistlock hooks in the Poison Tail Jig mold. the jigs come out Looking perfect.
  3. I also have the Poison Tail Jig Mold, I used a 5/64" Drill Bit and it just works Prefect I love them Small 1/8 oz Poison Tail Jigs, " There going to be prefect fishing around Boat Docks, I also poured some with the OWNER TWIST LOCK HOOKS, They came out prefect GOOD LUCK EVERYONE ON THERE POISON JIGS
  4. I agree with you dtrs5kprs Them weed guards aren't cheap bye any means wish i new a place every one could bye then alot Cheaper. Good Luck
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