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  1. This mold makes it so easy to make nice baits!
  2. I have been playing around with it and the softer baits give a lot more action on the fall and slow retrieve but don't behave as well under fast retrieve as the harder baits do. I like them in a medium, I like to yoyo them across the points I fish...they have been getting destroyed on the fall. I am really thinking about power drop shotting these down onto some deep spots I know with a yuge sinker underneath it.
  3. Thank you for the kind words, I'm just getting started in this hobby and I've fallen deep down the rabbit hole Haha.
  4. Thank you! The weighted underspin is an Owner's Beast in 8/0 ‐ 3/8 oz. https://www.amazon.com/Owner-Flashy-Swimmer-Beast-Hook/dp/B06XYD8D29
  5. I got the 6 inch right as it was released and have had blast with it. I have had a couple of really good bites on it in a highly pressured public pond that is HARD to catch fish in. I poured it in a medium plastic and it gives it great action. I will see if I can post a video of the action for you tomorrow after I go to the pond. Edit: Found video on my phone of swimming action on 8/0 Owners Beast Flashy Swim Action Angling A.I. Swimbait
  6. I have some experience years ago with MF plastic and their colorants. I don't have any of that equipment/material any more. I bought the angling ai 6 inch swim bait open pour mold as my entry back into the bait making world. I am wondering if anyone can give me recommendations on what plastic I should go with? I am open to any and all brands. I will be doing injection also very soon. There is so much info out there about each plastic. Bubbles/micro bubbles/scorching all this is just muddying the waters. I don't need the cheapest, but I don't want to get raped either. Bait Plastics? Dead On? What should I go with? I was suggested to buy Dead On Black Bucket Craw/Tube blend for doing the 6 inch swim baits. What would be the equivalent in other brands? Should I just buy Medium of whatever brand and buy Hardener/softener and adjust to suit? Thanks in advance for any help, Cheese!
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