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  1. RedDevil

    Best epoxy for clear coating jig heads

    no need to clear coat unless using eyes and then I use alumi-uv.
  2. RedDevil

    bucktail jig?

    that is also one I'm considering
  3. RedDevil

    bucktail jig?

    the H jig is one I was considering
  4. RedDevil

    bucktail jig?

    I have not will it fit other hooks?
  5. RedDevil

    bucktail jig?

    I'm in the market for a hand tie bucktail swim jig mold probably in the 1/2 oz to 1 1/2 oz or bigger range that I can also modify into a spinnerbait mold any suggestions?
  6. I have this mold and I'm definitely going to try this. I use the screw lock tip up mold now for my shaky heads but Mustad has discontinued the hook that I use in it and I have been looking for a alternative. what a great idea and this gives the option for a bigger hook even.
  7. RedDevil

    Canada spinnerbait help

    thanks for the info I hadn't even thought of a chatterbait and would rather throw that.
  8. RedDevil

    Canada spinnerbait help

    Thanks for the input so far. Lac de Mille Lacs is the Lake. It's my buddy's family vacation and the only time of year he fishes so he isn't much help as far as what is really needed. My big thing is the skirt material because I'm thinking my skirt tabs for bass jigs isn t big enough from the sample of the spinnerbait he gave me that he uses. Not sure what to order or where to find it that's why I was asking about that lumaflex stuff in the pic.
  9. RedDevil

    Canada spinnerbait help

    I'm headed to Canada for some walleye and pike fishing in August for the first time. Being a midwest bass guy I have no idea about walleye or pike. The buddy I'm going with goes every year and all he uses is spinnerbaits so I figure I'll make some up for the trip. I'm thinking of using what's in the pic has anyone used this stuff or have a better idea on what to use? any info would be great on colors, wire size, blade size what else I might want to make up to take. Basically anything at all because this is all out of my territory. Thanks in advance for any help
  10. RedDevil

    Powder Coating w/ Fiber Weedguard

    The Teflon pins work great put them in your mold pour what ever your making and leave them in during painting and baking then remove and install your weed guard after.
  11. RedDevil

    Exhaust fan over lead pot question

    this is a pic of my set up using a fan similar to what was suggested before . I have mine connected to a charcoal filter.
  12. RedDevil

    skirt tool

    thats awesome Jim I don't think I have enough tallent or the correct tools to make one of those myself.
  13. RedDevil

    skirt tool

    yep that's it or anything like it.
  14. RedDevil

    skirt tool

    anybody know where I can get one if those round skirt tools like naked bait company used to make?
  15. RedDevil

    wanted jig makeing material and tools

    I did went back to may and didn't see anything. I figured anything older than that was gone or would have been reposted.