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  1. Want jacobs paddle tail mold 1 3/4 or 2"

    Want jacobs paddle tail mold 1 3/4 or 2" or other grub bodied paddle tail thanks pm me
  2. Good crappie molds??

    Bass tackle had the 669 mold to me with in a couple a days. I shot them today and wow I'm impressed with the mold, lam. plate, and tail mold. Every thing seems to be perfect with the design thanks guys can't wait to get them wet.
  3. Good crappie molds??

    I ordered the 669 with lam plate and tail mold from bass tackle and 3 gal of plastic from bait junkys
  4. Good crappie molds??

    Im getting low on plastic so im going to order more from bait junkys . I really like that 669 mold though might have me sold on that too thanks guys for all the input widen my view a little much appreciated.
  5. Good crappie molds??

    Sounds like the stinger type is common you guys shooting your stingers in medium plastic or going with the hard plastic?? problems with the tails being eaten off?? i noticed that the 669 stinger also has a laminate plate is that how you make them 2 toned? very interesting mold got me thinking....
  6. Good crappie molds??

    Yes i loose the tails on the crappie dancers to little dink perch that hit it half dozen times per cast really annoying. The fish hit the tail for sure but i retrieve it back with out a tail. I like the idea of trying a harder plastic ive been using medium for all my baits... Im assuming the plastic is more difficult to tear the harder it is correct??
  7. Good crappie molds??

    Hi im getting into making soft baits for fishing crappie and perch. Is there any that you guys recommend trying I have a 2 1/2 curly from bears i like that works well. I also have crappie dancer and split tail grub twister tail from jacobs baits. I notice that the crappie dancer tails get ripped of quickly by fish its ok but have to be sure to have a lot of them on hand to switch out. Any molds that you guys recommend for crappie or perch?