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  1. Crappie85

    Who makes a mold like brewers sliders

    Monte I got the sample you sent me put it next to a brewers very close design the paddle on the jacobs is a touch thicker. I've yet to get the sample from basstackle. Thank you monte
  2. Crappie85

    Any one use soft bait for salmon?

    Ok i see thank you guys
  3. Crappie85

    Any one use soft bait for salmon?

    hmmm maybe one of my senko style baits with out salt might work with a jig head? I have fished for salmon a few times with out ever a bite this year i would like to at least hook into one. I just bought a camp which gets a run of salmon near by just trying to get my self ready im pretty new to the game of salmon....
  4. Any one use soft bait for salmon? Most of the people I've seen using egg sacks and some times a hard body type lures during salmon run in rivers etc. Just wondering if any one goes soft bait route and if they have had any luck.
  5. Crappie85

    Soft bait for pike?

    Any of you guys use soft bait for pike? What style do the pike seem to like? Ive always had luck with spoons but figured i might try soft bait too. I catch a lot of little pike but i know there are some big ones lurking among them they are just much more difficult to hook into and not have the line break.
  6. Crappie85

    Who makes a mold like brewers sliders

    those are some nice looking baits exactly the color i like to use some times too.
  7. Crappie85


    This should be posted in wanted not for sale classified
  8. wtb jacobs paddle tail grub 1.75 or 2, tube mold 1.5, Bears curly tail 2 or 2.5, and basstackle 655 tiny ring swim bait. PM me thanks
  9. Crappie85

    Who makes a mold like brewers sliders

    yeah i didnt know about that mold its very close...
  10. Crappie85

    Who makes a mold like brewers sliders

    Ok I will see what it looks like when basstackle mails me one I do like the picture of it.
  11. Crappie85

    Who makes a mold like brewers sliders

    Thanks srj but I got a hold of basstackle via a lady named sarah and she said she would get me over a sample bait of the 655 tiny ring bait. Do you like the action of the bait SRJ?? Also isnt it hard to shoot the baits i noticed each cavity has seprate injection ports which ive never seen or had?
  12. Crappie85

    Who makes a mold like brewers sliders

    I see bass tackle makes a 655 tiny swim bait and jacobs makes a 1.75 and 2in paddle grub. Do any of you guys have the molds and willing to make me sample baits would be willing to pay of course.
  13. Hello guys, Was wondering if there was a mold out there that makes baits similar to the brewers sliders i seen a few but not sure size wize they are alike width wise etc. Also if you had the mold how well the tails hold up as i hate lossing tails after just a couble of nibbles from perch.... looking for 1.5 to 2 inch size.
  14. Crappie85

    Good crappie molds??

    I tried the stingers today caught one 18inch large mouth, jack perch and a mess of crappie today on them. i was sitting on top of school but none the less i caught them and didnt loose any tails.
  15. Crappie85

    Good crappie molds??

    Bass tackle had the 669 mold to me with in a couple a days. I shot them today and wow I'm impressed with the mold, lam. plate, and tail mold. Every thing seems to be perfect with the design thanks guys can't wait to get them wet.