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  1. Kkuntzy

    Spinner bait heads

    Thanks guys for all the recommendations. I will attempt to paint a few of my own heads and see how it turns out. If that doesn't work then I will see who might be interested in painting a few from the forum. Again thanks to all who have replied.
  2. Kkuntzy

    Spinner bait heads

    Thanks for the reply cadman I was not very specific in my post I found the hardware to build the baits but not the colors i wanted. Your are correct I am likely more concerned than the fish are. :-). Anyway here are are the ones I have built but wanted to find a few different head colors that are better suited for night fishing.
  3. Kkuntzy

    Spinner bait heads

    Brand new to the lure making game and have spent way to much money trying to build a favorite night-time Spinner bait that I can no longer buy. I finally have gotten really close to one that I think is almost as good but getting the colors I want is pretty much impossible. Looking for someone that can point me in the right direction to have a 1/2 ounce guppy head heavy wire built in specific colors. Any help would be greatly appreciated I am buying the current heads from LPO. Thanks Kevin
  4. Kkuntzy

    Spinner bait heads

    Thank you Mark. Know I see that Forum
  5. Kkuntzy

    Worth swivels and split rings

    I like attaching the swivel directly to the wire I thing it transfers more vibration to the line and helps detect lighter bites when th blade stops spinning. That is just my preference putting them togther both ways.
  6. Kkuntzy

    Spinner bait heads

    Brand new to the forum here and looking for some help. Had a local tackle company that is no longer in business and I loved their night time spinner baits. After trying everything I could find to replace them I decided to make my own. I am in way to much money now but I have finally built something that I like almost as much as the original. However I find it hard to get the colors I really want from Lure parts on line and they are pricey. Anyone out there pour the guppy style heads and paint them in quantities of 25 per color? Looking for a 1/2 ounce head in a black and blue, a all black and a purple color?